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  1. Growing up in Quincy, IL we didn't get to SFoMA to ride the Eagle until 1977, it's second year. And I was born in 1965, so I was nearly 12. Yeah, I'm old... I was slightly hesitant, especially after seeing the lift hill in person (was completely obsessed with the ride during construction - couldn't see enough photos!) but my older brother was all "we are riding now!" Once we reached the top of the lift, the fear completely left me and I couldn't get enough.
  2. Regarding changes on the Eagle... For the 1990 season of the "New FASTER SCREAMING EAGLE!" the park changed the following: Replaced original three bench PTC trains with buzz bars to the current two bench configuration - they were an early set of the PTC trailered trains. If my memory is correct, the lead car had both sets of wheels, but the remaining cars just had the rear set. The thought was less friction = faster speeds. I believe that the original trains on the TX Giant had these too? Anyway, they were soon configured to the current two axle configuration. Also, the track was banked at first left curve, the 180 turn and the last right curve, which was also done in the name of "Faster!" I still lament these changes as the original trains (no headrests and seat dividers) with the lesser-banked track gave a much better ride. The removal of the double-up hump happened sometime around 95 or 96, I think. I can recall when it was done that they left that section unpainted. I can remember thinking "it looks like a tiny portion of Raven track" without the paint. Tiny bit of trivia - the Eagle opened with 5 car three bench PTC trains. After the first few seasons, they removed the fifth car to run many years as a four car train. You can still see in the station where the last car used to load.
  3. Yes, I do... It sat where Ninja is now located, which is on the site of 1/2 of the Runaway Mine Train that was sold to Dollywood. The year of the Condor (tee hee) was 1987, I believe. That year the soon-to-be-sold mine train half sat unused for the year, and a chunk of track after the second lift was removed for the Condor. It was odd to see the track just hanging in the air, but that's what they did.
  4. Just visited SFFT this weekend, and thought I’d share my thoughts on two (possible, maybe?) future attractions that get discussed as potentials for SFSTL Finally rode my first S & S 4D and LOVED it! Like a good Zipper ride, which is what I hoped it would be like. Just wish that it wasn’t so short, but yes please! Also, Wonder Woman was really, really great. Again short ride, but WOW. I’m normally a back seat rider and this one didn’t disappoint. Two of the drops even made me see stars in the back. Just amazing. So, if we were to ever get one of these two, I’d be quite happy. Carry on...
  5. I seem to remember very clearly (I was 15 or 16 so not a little kid) that it was closed down immediately after the accident and while one side reverted back to Mine Train the other side closed down and Ninja went in like 4 or 5 years later. I looked it up on rcdb and it only shows it operating during the 1984 season and I seem to remember the accident was pretty early on in the season. I know we wanted to ride it but never were able to. But it was a long time ago so maybe I'm mixed up. Were you around at that time? Anyone else remember the details? P.S. - I do remember the news interviewing her family at the time and thinking they didn't sound all that upset.....it was kind of weird. The Railblazer did close for a bit after the accident, but reopened with additional seatbelts (unlocked with a special key) and staffed with about a dozen crew members it seemed. I rode it after the accident, and due to the slow, extra careful loading the capacity was terrible. I’m sure this was the real reason that it only lasted for the 1984 season. I was in college when it happened, and a guy in my dorm worked first aid and was there that day. He couldn’t say much, but the circumstances were suspicious. The other mine train operated as a sit down ride until it was removed. The year that we had The Condor here (ride rotation program - one year only in 1987) it sat where the Ninja is, and that side of the mine train was SBNO with a chunk of track removed. It left in 1988 I believe. FYI, Jet Scream was removed at the end of the 1988 season, and Ninja opened in 1989.
  6. Great to see the video. Rode Jet Scream too many times while it was here. Too bad our model didn't have the trees that show in the video, as it definitely had a very temporary look to it here. The video also perfectly shows off the curve next to the first drop that made me duck and move sideways every. single. time. I rode it. I never attempted it, but wouldn't doubt that the track was close enough to touch. Once moved to Astroworld, they enclosed the first drop with a tunnel. I always wondered if that curve is why? It was this or Orient Express for my first looper - I just can't recall which one I rode first.
  7. According to the ride rendering on the SFSTL Facebook page, we are getting the smaller 24 passenger version. Because of course we are While it’s definitely the best replacement for the Highland Fling, it’s pretty disappointing that corporate decides to use a simple replacement as our “incredibly thrilling” (or whatever hyperbolic language they used) big! New! Attraction! for 2019. Will probably discontinue the membership that I never use.
  8. In my opinion, the Boss is a far better ride in the Gerstlauer trains than it was with the PTCs. Obviously, it wasn't really "broken in" for Media Day, and they made it through the ride just fine. Perhaps if a set of brand new PTCs were added, I'd be okay with them. Keep in mind that I'm not a fan at all of the horrid headrests on the Eagle PTC, and for whatever reason, the seats seem deeper than normal. Also, I cannot stand (for long) how the Eagle trains make me feel like I'm sitting nearly sideways, due to the way the lapbar hits my legs. YMMV
  9. Yes, the quote is real. Actually, she told me directly "seven times" that the original plans had to be redrawn. This was told to me during an offseason event at Holiday World. Because I'm old, I remember the hype surrounding the ride. Honestly, it was relatively low key, but this was the year that CCI opened multiple rides (was it 7 that year?) and so attention with enthusiasts was all over the map. Once the Boss opened, it was given "meh" reviews - due mainly to the majority of out of town enthusiasts hitting the ride early in the year after a Holiday World event, and it just wasn't yet running up to speed. Later in the year, the ride found it's grove more or less, but opinions had been solidified. CCI took a ton of heat that year with construction quality issues, blander than normal rides, etc. They were definitely stretched too thin... I was at Media Day with the Screaming Eagle PTC train, but due to the seat divider I was given the largest coaster bruise I've ever seen Over the years, the Boss has really grown on me, and I appreciate it for what it is, and what it isn't. I adore RMC rides, but I really hope that they simply keep it in decent running order like it is now. Considering that Six Flags was not known for wooden coaster maintenance, we really cannot complain about that here. It should be noted that a ride the size of Boss, not having major reprofiling done is a rarity - especially for Six Flags. That it remains mostly intact from the original design is something to be celebrated - to me anyway
  10. So, according to the SFStl's Pass Holder announcement email sent today, they are making an official announcement regarding a new ride for 2017 on September 1st. Let the speculation and b*tching continue
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