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  1. Well Afterburn is open during the winter months. As for hyper Intimidator has the longer trains. I’d say in normal Winterfest run it during the day but it has valleyed before during a cold Scarowinds night before. Fury has the shorter trains and yes goes way faster but I’ve been on it on a cold November day and it almost didn’t make it through the treble clef turn around. They closed after that for the remainder of the day. On top of all this non factor we all now Cedar Fair Christmas events are more so for foods, entertainment and family rides and atmosphere. Nothing new here
  2. Well it looks like only 3 parks are doing it. Knotts did a harvest version of it and will be doing a Christmas version as well. Of course we see Carowinds doing it and looks like Canada’s Wonderland maybe gearing up for it too.
  3. I would imagine like any other year around park would do it. It's not like the park has never been open during constructions. Chickies and Petes was in the middle of construction when the park reopened in 2015, 2016 County Fair was still getting rides put together from opening weekend all the way through early June, Copperhead started construction in summer 2018 went vertical during Winterfest in November. We the local people are use to by now . It honestly to me is good marketing to let people see in person stuff being built, gives them add reason to really come back now that they've seen said new attraction in progress with their on eyes on site
  4. Pics of Intimidator undergoing it's repaint from Carowinds Fans Only
  5. We have water people!!! Credit: Carowinds Fans Only https://m.facebook.com/carowindsfansonly/
  6. I personally love top spins. I don’t see the reasoning at this point. All the US parks are pulling them meanwhile parks overseas that have them have refurbished them and they’re running like new. Cedar Fair Parks are literally becoming coaster parks with a kids section lol. Wait Voodoo at SixFlags Discovery Kingdom is still SBNO after almost 7 or 8 years now with overgrown weeds and vines all over it.
  7. Woodstock Express is getting some much needed love this off season. Carowinds may close for awkward reasons for some like high winds, staffing or low attendance but they definitely seem to take care of their rides. Photo Credit: Carowinds Fans Only
  8. I personally really wanted SFOG to get a freefly. It’ll be the only one in the southeast that’s for sure. However I’m happy with the much needed flat rides as well. A park can always use flats.
  9. Please note - I'm not singling you out here specifically... but... American's need to get passports, get passports early in life, and travel!!! I realize we're making progress. It's currently estimated that 42% of American's now have one up from 4% in 1990!!!! This is still far behind most other civilized countries though. This is factual! Got mine back in 2000 but do you need for Canada? I thought the new Real ID took place of that for travel with North America? Or am I wrong
  10. My God Hurler was flying yesterday. As you guys know they did some restacking and retracking and currently the trim brake is totally removed. The train whips around that first turn so fast. I actually got airtime thru the hills. I was shook
  11. ^ this actually across the board on all coasters. You can’t even have sunglasses on without a strap. They’ll make out your glasses and hats in a locker or station bin if available. Not matter if you turn your hat backwards or how secure it feels, in the bin it goes.
  12. Maybe they will either build a new rapids or log flume in Dinos area when they go extinct?...
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