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  1. A man is death in the mad house of WBMWM "Hotel Embrujado". He forced the security belts and he falled in the room before the emergency stop. A police investigation is in progress right now. The ride has no mechanical malfunction. Tragic News
  2. thanks to you Robb Great meeting and great pictures, I hope my English wasn't so bad Thanks for everything! I cant wait the next update
  3. Great TR Just 1 think to say The man who's sitting with you in the front seat is actually Joachim Greg is the man who's fall everywhere (you know..the magician ) Edit: Thanks
  4. i have a dueling dragon T-shirt too you'r in the left on the picture and i'm in the right (with sun glasses for me )
  5. I'm back from Walibi World where i'v seen Robb and Elissa That was a great day (and i think they are coming to remember who is Greg in our group ) Again, thanks for this day and have a nice trip
  6. actually the streobe light are broken down since 1 or 2 years ago
  7. Hey! Welcome in Belgium Robb! You are now in Walibi Belgium and i can't wait you'r first Trip Report Well..see you on Saturday at Walibi world
  8. New pictures from Bellewaerde V3 and his partner Theme park @ Home
  9. Yes, but not all the day, and not at the same time! The High Fall(or wild bunch) was broken down at two 'o' clock... The FX(Eraser) and Bandit(Wild Wild West) was closed from 10 to 12 o clock.. The cop car chase(Lethal weapon pursuit) was open all the day And the power surge (riddler revenge) was broken down in the afternoon!
  10. Well, the park was empty empty with the people..but, too with the thema! The main street was renovated, this is beautiful!!!! Subway and swirl still there Mystery River(Never ending story) is empty..there is a few thema..but, the queue line was renovated, she's great now Ice Age Adventure..this is the same, but i suppose this is not finish! Movie park Germany is good, but i prefer the Warner bros. time But the park isn't finish..we need to wait this summer for the "Real" Movie park Photos soon
  11. Hi folks! I was in Movie park Germany yesterday! There is a Video of my day Here! My photos come in just a few hour (sorry for the quality of the video, but this is with my photo camera!)
  12. You can see Here the promotion video 2005 of Bellewaerde park(in Dutch only)
  13. Well, isn't totaly just.. the last new of Bellewaerde park was Kids park in 2002: a complete renovation of the old "Pepinoland" with 7 new kiddies rides. Befort that, there was three new major rides in 1999: a mad house, a Space shot from Huss(and not from S&S) and a flying chairs ride
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