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  1. My kids went through the up charge Kangaroo insider tour on our most recent trip and it was really fun for them. Just a heads up but If you're interested in any of the insider tours book them as early as you can since the prices will go up. My oldest wanted to do the Sloth tour and about 3 months prior to our trip it was like $50, but then the week before it was all the way up to close to $90 (which is why we changed to the kangaroo tour for about $25 lol).
  2. Is the E-Ticket Avengers ride still planned for this expansion in the future? If so that's going to be a really awesome lineup eventually with the Guardians Tower, the Spiderman ride, and the Avengers attraction. I don't really have any expectations for the Spiderman ride other than I hope it's a lot of fun, then again never Disney really doesn't miss so this should be fine.
  3. I've been to plenty of opening days for coasters at parks like Kings Island and Holiday World several years ago, but back then it wasn't as big of a deal as it is now. It was pretty much here's the opening day of the park, the new coaster for the year opens that day, there might be a 2 or 3 hour line for that ride but the rest of the day was still pretty enjoyable. It's just a different world now with social media and how popular the parks have become. Opening days are kind of a fun experience though, lots of energy and excitement, I just hate how now there's so much uncertainty around the ope
  4. Drake's is a pretty solid place that I'm pretty sure has a location not far from Kentucky Kingdom. Just a typical sports bar but really good "bar food" and big beer selection. It's a chain that started in Lexington so it's kind of local, but they've got quite a few locations across the area now. Depending on when you're there in the Summer Churchill Downs is right across the street from Kentucky Kingdom and has live Racing May-June. They do a Twilight Session on Thursdays and Downs after Dark on Saturday nights which is a lot fun. General admission is like $5 so it's a pretty fun w
  5. Kings Island hasn't opened for 2021 yet. I mean I get your point but I'll be shocked if the adherence to the covid policy's in 2021 is anywhere close to as good as it was in 2020, in general at most parks at least.
  6. Yeah, I've got one just over 54 and one over 48 that should be at 54 by next summer. When they're both tall enough for everything Fiesta Texas is on the short list of "parks not in Florida" that I really want to take them to. The short list is pretty much Carowinds, Kings Island, Hershey, Cedar Point, Silver Dollar City, and Fiesta Texas but Fiesta is way up there. Great report as always, I kind of forgot about the Road-Runner arrow mine train. I think the only time I visited Fiesta was in that thing's opening year way back and /i remember that one being really good for a Mine Trai
  7. I'm no valuation expert but $2.37 million seems like an absolute steal for this place. I wonder if the Covid pandemic was in a way *good* for the prospect of this park reopening. I mean it closed for a reason, probably because nobody was going to the place, I don't really remember hearing anything about for years. Now with stuff reopening it seems like everywhere is drawing a crowd, especially amusement parks so the timing worked out pretty well. Good news though, that log flume over the lake always looked like fun.
  8. Great Pictures! Seems like a fun event if you're local, nice way to spend a day.
  9. I think all of the free months of passes from Covid closures are expiring soon, either now or in April, so I'd be willing to bet Iron Gwazi and Ice Breaker don't open until after that period and the time after that they promote renewals. Just my guess but I've been getting an email like every day to re-new my passes. I posted about this in the TPR facebook page but just a heads up to anyone visiting soon, but we were there last Thursday and they had several rides closed throughout the day for high winds, which I don't really remember hearing about much of at this park in the past.
  10. It looks like the only noteworthy attractions scheduled to be closed this week are the sky ride and the rapids, according to the website atleast.
  11. I try my best. But seriously how many times are people going to judge a ride before it's actually open based on some testing videos? This isn't anything new, just wait to ride the thing before calling it slow, or bad, or disappointing or whatever. Personally I think it's kind of cool to have the first half of the ride be a little slower through the scenic elements and the rockwork, then hit a mid course launch into a second half that's way more intense and exciting. It's such a brilliant design concept that it's almost like they planned it that way or something.......
  12. Eh, there's caves all over that region, might not be a hard as you think.........
  13. Oaklawn aint hosting the Breeders Cup anytime soon but I know what you mean. Kentucky is kind of the same way where there's so much potential for growth but the horse racing industry won't relinquish control of any type of gaming to anyone else. Meanwhile sportsbooks right across the rice in Indiana are absolutely raking it in, oh well.
  14. Interesting to see Orion so high after it seems like so many people compared it to just another B&M Hyper after it opened. Not that there's anything wrong with B&M Hypers (personally love them) but for Orion to beat out rides like Nemesis, Kumba, & Montu which have been highly regarded for a long time was a little surprising. Also should be interesting to see where Orion lands on the poll next year with more riders, this may be a case where lower ridership from covid but still enough to qualify it for the poll might have skewed it's ranking a little bit.
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