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  1. We used to stop at that bridge/park all the time back driving back and forth from West Virginia to go skiing, long before it was turned into a national park. It really is a pretty incredible thing to see in person, just absolutely massive, when you drive over it you don't realize how high up it is. Nice report!
  2. Well that's perfect, I can watch the whole first movie now! In all seriousness I like Wicked a lot but I never loved it, mostly because Defying Gravity is so good that the whole second act just felt like it never even came close to reaching the same heights. We recently had a chance to see the Frozen Broadway musical and it had a similar feel, first act was great, Let it Go was phenomenal then... the rest of the show was kind of underwhelming. I will end up taking my kids to see Wicked so maybe the movie will revitalize my interest in it a little bit. I'll give it a fair chance atleast.
  3. I can't wait to leave after Defying Gravity in the movie theatre just like in the regular theatre. Just kidding, mostly kidding (the second act is boring).
  4. Great report, this looks like my kind of trip to Vegas. I'm pretty excited for the Meowolf installation in Orlando if it ever actually gets built, and also interested to see how it does. I feel like Orlando can be a bit weird at times for attractions like that so I could see it being really successful or struggling a bit after the initial "newness" wears off.
  5. Well now that TT2 with the LSM swing launch is open and has had actual human riders I guess we can officially say that those f*ckin' crackhead enthusiasts were right for once.
  6. Yeah or ya know.... maybe have a couple of actual rides so that people who aren't into the role play stuff have something to do.
  7. I still think there is a future for these interactive/immersive themed entertainment concepts sometime/somewhere in the future but first Star Cruiser closing and not this it doesn't really look good. Star Cruiser had the obvious issues with cost, this maybe some issues with location/concept, and both of them the timing of Covid I'm sure didn't help. Hopefully there's a future for the site as something as it did look like a pretty cool place.
  8. I'll be honest I love Test Track but I'm not really that interested in this renovation. I mean other than some kind of significant change to the layout/ride experience I just don't really know what they can do to this attraction for a third time to make it any better than it already is.
  9. Yeah that's fair, I did forget about that one. That will be interesting to experience as it is a complelty new ride system,
  10. Sorry I didn't mean to come off as being rude or cynical, but I do think there's a fair amount of recency bias with this project since there is so much information on social media with construction updates and speculation and the official press releases from Universal's official accounts. As far as the scale of the project to me it's not that much different than IOA when it opened? Both had similar number of lands and major attractions and rides. Spiderman, Hulk, Dragons, Stun Show, Poseidon Show, Popeye, Ripsaw, Jurassic Park, Camp Jurassic, Cat n Hat Ride, couple of flats and Starfall Racers, Mario Dark Ride, Donkey Kong, Monster Dark Ride, Monsters Coaster, Dragon Coaster, Dragon Show, flat ride and splash battle, whatever is in the new Potter land. Also don't get me wrong here, I am VERY excited to check this whole place out eventually, really really excited about it, but also don't know if there's anything that's goin to be truly ground breaking or revolutionary or "game changing" as so many fans keep referring to it as.
  11. Well in my lifetime this will be about the 8th time, maybe the 10the time if you want to count MGM Studios and Universal Orlando in 1989 and 1990. I was only like 6 but I do remember visiting UO in it's opening year so I guess that counts. Now if you want to start counting non Disney and Universal Parks in China and Dubai amongst other places.......... well that number could get pretty high. I can't even keep up with what's being built in China anymore but they have built several brand new parks of this scale.
  12. Yeah Aulani has always looked incredible, looks like an amazing trip. Aulani has also always made me wish that the Disney Beach resorts over here on the east coast (Vero Beach and Hilton Head) we just a little bit nicer and more of a true resort type destination like what Aulani is.
  13. They still do, and always have as long as I can remember. I haven't been on it in years but the website still says it's a free for passholders and a "nominal fee" for non-passholders. Look I don't like an upcharge but this really isn't that big of a deal to me. If anything it's just another thing to incentive you to buy a pass which seems to be a big part of their business. I'm just glad the ride is open again, if it takes $5.00 to keep it open then fine. Also if I remember correctly the line for this thing used to be awful due to it's massive popularity and somewhat lower capacity, so if it takes $5.00 for them to make a little money on the thing and keep the waits down a little I'm all for it. If people are going to complain about anything complain about $40.00 to park instead of $5.00 to go on a really cool vintage skyride attraction.
  14. I have a lot of thoughts about this project as a whole, most of them are good, there are a few things I'm a little skeptical about/curious to see how it turns out, but..... These images of the Celestial Park central hub section looks pretty amazing, way better than what I had previously envisioned for that area so that's exciting. I'm guess they're slowly going to release some more details about each of the lands and attractions in those lands over the next year, but overall pretty cool project.
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