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  1. Not sure if I'll ever make it over to Beijing but some of these concepts are really interesting, especially the new ride system for Jurassic Park. The Kung Fu Panda dark ride was a nice surprise, that one slipped under my radar but looks like a fun concept.
  2. Now Hershey just has to decide which of their three different sized towers to slap this thing on lol.
  3. I love this concept, especially as an option to retrofit an existing S&S Tower. Considering how many S&S Towers are in operation around the world, and how many of them have multiple towers, I hope we see this option added to several locations,
  4. Seems like a shooting dark ride would be a perfect fit for the John Wick franchise but people seem to enjoy these S&S Free Spin coasters. Having one built into the facade of the hotel looks pretty cool.
  5. Lol, I don't know Island H2O might give them a run....... We did drive by there and they had football games playing on the giant screen over the wave pool, looked pretty awesome tbh.
  6. That's amazing, hoping to get down there in a few weeks so I'll be sure to check that out. We took the kids to Aquatica a few weeks ago for a day and had a really good time. Much more crowded than I was expecting (it was on a Sunday in September) but still very manageable. park entry was a breeze, walked right through the temp. scan tent, straight to the park entry and in. There were Shorter lines in the morning, but got much longer later in the afternoon so pretty much a normal day at a water park in Orlando. Food lines looked pretty long but, we didn't eat there so it wasn't an i
  7. The light package on the trains looks amazing, nice touch I wasn't expecting. Maybe I missed it but do any other Intamin Blitz trains out there have lights on them? I can't recall. Too bad the park only stays open past dusk like 3 months a year, but for those 3 months this thing is going to look great at night lol.
  8. Something like this? Source That's actually exactly what they're doing at SeaWorld, I haven't been yet but atleast that's what the picture on the website for the event shows.
  9. I'm sure it has something to do with loose articles but it's just so strange looking with the blueish mesh, why not just make it full fledged tunnel like the one it comes out of just before crossing the bridge? Hell if anything you'd think they'd plaster an advertisement all over the thing. I always wondered if there was some kind of DOT requirement for visibility of the underpass or something along those lines. Either way super cool looking park and coaster, I'd love to get up there someday on a road trip between Knoebels and Cedar Point maybe.
  10. Raise the peak of the launch 10 or 15 feet, slap a lift hill on that bad boy, re-prolife the pre-drop and be done with it already. I know it's not that easy, bust seriously if they replaced the launch with a modified chain lift and all the sudden the ride was as reliable as any other RMC would anyone really care? The launch is awesome, but I feel like the ride would probably be just as good without.
  11. Never been to Waldameer but Ravine Flyer II has always been a really interesting coaster to. Funky layout, seems to mostly be well reviewed and rated, but I've always wondered what the story was for that blue looking netting on the bridge over the highway? I'm sure there's a reason but it's always just looked to strange to me.
  12. Ah, that makes sense. I kind of forgot about Red Force. Wonder if the reliability of the LSMs on that have been better than the launch system on Dragster/Ka. Thanks for the insights.
  13. Just curious but what's your take on Kingda Ka vs Dragster? I've only been on Dragster and I can't imagine the two experiences to be that much different but some people seem to really prefer one to the other, so just wondered where you stood on it.
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