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  1. I was trying to think about that as well, maybe at Cedar Point? They could probably build some kind of cool structure around Millennium Force's first turn around, or the Valravn lift/drop? An observation deck a could hundred feet in the air at that park would be cool for the views so it might work.
  2. I am kind of curious about this, if that's truly the case where they're just licensing the name I wouldn't think that the Six Flags brand name would have that much value in that part of the world but then again who knows.
  3. It's going to make me think "wow how did they do that" and probably think about how cool of an experience it was. Will probably also make me think "who seriously thinks that Ellen's universe of Energy is better than this?" Then it's going to inspire me to get in line again, and then to renew my annual pass so I can come back many many times to ride an incredible new attraction in my favorite Disney park. That's how it'll make me think and inspire me.
  4. The old Believe show at SeaWorld is still one of my favorites, for an animal show it was just so much fun. The music, choreography, trainers still swimming with the whales, it was so good. Blue Horizons was also really good. Other than those there was a solid 10 or so year stretch when the Bill and Ted Show at Horror Nights was the coolest thing ever, it was so funny and risque and fun that there was kind of nothing else like it and probably never will be again considering how quickly people get offended and "cancel" things these days.
  5. I wonder if they got around to fixing/replacing the one slide of Runoff Rapids that's been closed for a few years. It's really bizarre the slide is there but the entry and exit are both boarded up, just kind of bizarre looking for a Disney park. As much a we love Blizzard Beach another 2 person tube slide would be a great so hopefully that slide is back to normal when the park re-opens.
  6. Yeah very fun concept, my kids would have a blast at a place like this. Gonna be honest, I didn't realize SBF Visa made this many rides. I knew about the spinning coasters obviously and vaguely recall some other stuff they've had on display at IAAPA, but didn't realize they had a catalogue like they do. Kind of reminds me of Zamperla, especially with this concept outfitting more or less an entire facility with rides.
  7. I mean I would like to think that Florida cares.... they just care you spending tourism money more
  8. We've got a trip to Tahoe scheduled the 2nd week of January that's pretty up in the air right now so we'll see how that all unfolds after the new years. Parks related ideally maybe to Carowinds of SFOG around early summer. Otherwise we'll probably stick to Orlando/Florida parks throughout the year, finally get on all of the new rides SeaWorld parks built for 2020 that won't open til 2021.
  9. Man maybe it's just me but I absolutely love the look of they style/era slide towers. It might just be nostalgia for places like Wet n Wild but these old style slide structures are just the coolest to me. Also check out that slide in the lower left with the up hill section! I found a few videos on Youtube of that slide and it doesn't look like a master blaster even though there's piping underneath of it, just an old school up hill water slide lol. I'd love to try that one.
  10. Update, I found a picture and was right, that was a modification. I'm not sure what I'm allowed to post video wise but if you look up testing videos on youtube from 2016 or so you'll find some videos of the original train, and that thing looks like a king size mattress or something without the last row articulating lol.
  11. I may be wrong here but for some reason I recall that the original trains were a single car and the last row didn't articulate individually, which may have been a part of some of the issues that led to the delays. I can't find any pictures of that anywhere but I do remember that for some reason and thinking that the train looks huge for a single assembly. Either way this is a super funky ride and I love everything about it lol.
  12. This project is so awesome, I can't wait to see this thing when it opens. I'm really interested to see what they do with the station/que theming since all of that (or most of it at least) is under ground. I've never really noticed it til now but most of the coasters at Grona Lund have kind of generic names but really elaborate and beautiful theming around the attractions. It's almost like it's like it's a "theme park" where the theme is a "classic amusement park.", so a coaster called Monster with an underground station and tunnels has all kinds of potential to be really creative and awesome.
  13. That's a great concept, I've been wanting to take my kids to stay in the cabins at Cedar Point as soon as they're tall enough for the rides there, and now I've got the same option at Kings Island so that's exciting. It's a roller coaster and campground not the Mira Costa, let's pump there brakes a little bit lol.
  14. We spent yesterday at SeaWorld for the first time since they reopened this year and honestly it was probably one of the best days we've ever had at the park. I had read some mixed reviews on how they had been handling everything operationally during the pandemic but I was pretty impressed, guests mostly seemed to be following the rules everywhere and the park looked great with everything out for Christmas. We were there from open til about 4 pm so maybe as it gets more crowded and people have had more drinks from the festival tents later in the evening things change but the 6 hours we spent t
  15. I never realized that this park was located in such an urban area so close to the city, very cool aesthetic. I love how Europe has so many parks like this. Great pictures as always, Lech looks fantastic, really hoping a park in America get one of these newer Vekomas sometime in near future.
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