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  1. FYI there's a flash sale today for Friday the 13th for Howl O Screams ticket to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. $66.66 for two tickets good for any night of the event which is a pretty good deal. Also I just noticed on the teaser website for the Orlando event page they have some little cryptic images and descriptions, presumably for the houses/scare zones/attraction etc. But three of the the images are a shark, and manta ray, and some ice cubes, so hopefully that means Mako, Manta, and Ice Breaker will be open for the event this year. I had a blast at this event last year but 2 more coasters in the mix would have been nice so hopefully that's true this year. https://seaworld.com/orlando/events/howl-o-scream/
  2. Yeah I get this move for a new ride but it's still frustrating. Although it does feel like the previews for Guardians is much more extensive than anything I can remember Disney doing in the past so maybe that will help with the crowds early on after opening.
  3. It used to be my absolute favorite thing at all of Disney World, but I'm not sure how much of it has changed post covid. Assuming the parade and fireworks are back, and trick or treating, and they keep the capacity limits low like they used to it should be worth a trip.
  4. just curious but what about the park layout do you think is bad? I mean it's pretty big and spread out, but I don't particularly find it to be bad, but it's really not that different than any other theme park out there. A crossover between Stanleyville and the plaza by Falcon's fury would be nice, but it's not that far of a walk really.
  5. 56 billion JPY is like 436 million in US dollars, I understand that's a reported budget number for the entire area's refurbishment, but that's a rather large pile of cash so nothing is off limits with this.
  6. That's a pretty exciting project to look forward to. It's an awfully long down time period to just replace the existing ride system like they did with Space Mountain in Orlando but then again that refurbishment took the better part of a couple years as well if I remember correctly. I guess my main question now is if they're going to make it "more thrilling" that means different ride system, so which on will they go with? Seem like the Gaurdians of the Galaxy coaster is getting really good early reviews and you would think WDI would love to re-use that ride system again somewhere else, this might be a good fit.
  7. Did anyone ever figure out what the surf coaster is? A new version of the standup maybe?
  8. I know Blackpool isn't the best park in England or Europe but that place is pretty high on my bucket list. It just looks so cool, albeit it a bit dingy but that's kind of the charm. And they have a nice collection of unique rides like the steeplechase, and even the wooden coasters seem pretty unique. Cool looking park.
  9. I saw some pics and videos of this over the weekend and this looks pretty good for the budget of a park like this, looks really fun. I'm not super familiar with Gardaland but realized the facade for this was from a previous attraction that they repurposed. I think is used to be some kind of Egyptian themed dark ride, but does anyone know if they re-used any of the set pieces from the previous ride for the new Jumanji attraction. I was under the impression that Jumanji was a completely new attraction until I realized they were reusing an existing location, was curious how much of the old ride made it into the new one.
  10. This attraction looks awesome, I'm sure it won't be as good of a "coaster" as Velocicoater or Iron Gwazi but I have a feeling this thing is going to take the fully immersive themed coaster experience to another level simply based on the sheer size and scope of the attraction. I mean with Guardians of the Galaxy there's no way it isn't atleast going to be really fun. Can't wait to check this thing out, probably sometime in like 2024, but still can't wait.
  11. That seems to be the thing these days, SeaWorld just did that with their two dolphin plunge slides.
  12. For Kentucky Kingdom there's a Tru by Hilton practically in the parking lot of the park, should be a pretty easy walk to the main gate. I haven't stayed there during a park visit but on another trip to Louisville recently and it was nice and fairly cheap, there's also a bowling alley next to the hotel that's open late if you're into that kinda thing. Also on the drive from Kings Island to Cedar Point, depending on which way you go the old Ohio State Reformatory Prison where they filmed Shawshank Redemption isn't too far off the route. I've never toured the place but they do have several options for tours, and it's also kinda cool just drive by and see the place. https://www.mrps.org/
  13. Yeah my attitude has a lot to do with how the park is designed and operated lol. You can nit pick the place to death if you want but it's still one of the best parks in the country IMO. I'm just saying the themeing now vs the themeing whenever you want to compare it to is all about the same. Mystery Mine is maybe the one exception but it's still just a coaster in a box with a cool facade, it's not exactly on the level of Expedition Everest or whatever you want to compare it to.
  14. I mean the lower que and station area for Wild Eagle has a major national park visitors center vibe to it, atleast it always did to me. Does Tennessee Tornado or Thunderhead have any themeing besides some random junk laying around here and there? No, does it matter? Not really.
  15. But it has that ride where you sit on a bear, so I think it was worth it.
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