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  1. I wonder if this happens more often than you realize if you're not checking the FT+ pricing regularly. When we went to Carowinds earlier this year about a month before our trip FL+ was around $70~ then a few weeks later it went up to like $100~.
  2. I immediately thought of Wild Arctic because they show a monster inside some of those caves that's in the walk through, I realize that the haunt itself probably won't be inside of that area but one can dream right? I hadn't thought about the Antarctica ride path until you mentioned it, and the fact that SeaWorld used the old Darkastle ride path has me intrigued by that idea. I'm not super familiar with they layout of that area anymore but I'm sure there's a way to bypass the animal exhibit if they wanted to. I'm pretty excited for this event honestly, something new so it should be fun!
  3. I mean if you go back to like 2017 and were to compile a list of park related incidents similar to these I'm sure the list was be nearly identical. Minus the tragic accident on the rapids ride (which unfortunately is also something that has happened on other rides before) everything listed here has happened before and will happen again, pretty much ever year. There will be guest related incidents in the parks, attractions will have unexpected closures, new rides will have issues and delays, sketchy carnival rides will still be sketchy carnival rides. 2021 feels like a weird year mostly because of staffing issues and massive crowds returning to the parks, but most of the incidents listed here aint nothing new.
  4. Great report as always Adam, nice to see a review of the Snake River Expedition ride. Seems like I'd heard very little since that opened and most of it was somewhat negative, so nice to something positive about it for what's it is. My only wish is that it was a little bit higher capacity, I love these type of attractions at thrill ride heavy parks but I'm not going to wait as long for that as I could for a major coaster. Looking forward to Kennywood.
  5. Did anyone see a date mentioned when this will be available? I've got some friends going to the park in a few weeks and I was wanted to give them a headsup but wasn't sure if this would be available by then or not.
  6. I mean said it's not gonna happen but it would be cool if it did, that was the very first line?
  7. I know it's not going to happen but how cool would it be if they found a way to open Iron Gwazi for "limited previews" or whatever exclusively during Howloscream. Open it up at night during the event for one month only, then close it down and open it to the public next spring or whenever. Come on BGT, do it you cowards, I promise I'll buy a ticket .
  8. Wow those pictures really take me back, lots of memories at that place during that era. I always kind of wondered what would have happened to Kentucky Kingdom is they'd of made slightly different choices with their new additions back in those days. Chang was cool at the time since it was a new concept with the standup and all, but then and now it's a style that isn't anyone's favorite. The coaster lineup there back in the Six Flags days was always kind mediocre, but I wonder if things might have turned out differently if they had built say a B&M invert instead of a standup, and a solid GCI coaster instead of Twisted Twins (which was really never any good). Obviously there's a lot of other factors involved but I just wonder if you switch two mediocre coasters out for two world class fan favorites if that place might have been more successful to the point that it wouldn't have sat dormant for as many years as it did.
  9. This thing looks amazing, I really hope some more of these Mack spinners get built! I rode Copperhead Strike a few weeks ago and really liked it, but didn't "love" it. The pacing on it with the hangtime and the slower launches wasn't my favorite (it's still like a top 20-30 kind of ride just not top 10). With that being said I can see how that kind of pacing with spinning trains would be really fun, so this type of ride looks awesome.
  10. Jeeze where's all this Yuengling disrespect coming from all the sudden? I mean I know it's not top tier beer or anything but come on for widely distributed cheap commercial beer it's about the best there is. If a concert/theme park/sporting etc. event has Coors, Bud, Miller and Yuengling I'm taking the Yuengling every day and twice on Sunday's (where available, after 1 pm).
  11. This looks great, I was really surprised by how much fun the Premier Skyrocket coaster was so I'm sure a bigger/faster/longer version by another manufacturer will be really fun. Interesting that Intamin (Sandy's Bronco) and now Zamperla are getting into the compact launched shuttle coaster game. Didn't Mack show off a version with their spinning trains a few years ago? Seems like we're going to see a lot of these in the future. I love the idea of the turntable station to increase capacity, but good luck with that 40-47 second loading/unloading lol.
  12. Last time I was at Dollywood Firechaser had about the longest line in the park so maybe that's not a bad thing. That line might have a mixture of capacity and popularity but people seem to love that ride, so a "bigger" and "better" version of that might be a solid addition. If Dollywood had ride like Cheetah Hunt or Copperhead Strike in the back of Wildwood Grove that would be amazing.
  13. This looks awesome, glad that more of these next gen Vekoma's are getting built as they all look excellent. Also, I can't help but think how similar this looks to the concept art that was released in the Grona Lund expansion story. Obviously not exactly the same model or anything since it's just concept art, but some similarities there for sure.
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