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  1. Biggest missed opportunity I've had was riding Antarctica, Empire of the Penguin at SeaWorld opening year. Missed an opportunity to have a couple of hours of my day to spend somewhere else in the park, hours I'll never get back.
  2. This is interesting, we'll see what kind of attractions and pricing options are announced later this summer but an upcharge attached to the existing park is a strange choice. Seems like I remember seeing some rumored plans for this last year and wasn't very impressed. When my kids were younger they LOVED Peppa Pig but even then I'm not sure what kind of extra money I'd be willing to spend for a small section of rides and some character meets attached to Legoland. $10? $15 maybe?
  3. I haven't looked very closely at the percentages but since you mentioned it I went to 50%, so coasters that are essentially win half of the matchups against other coasters, and that's around rank 340. 343 is an Intamin inverted coaster (Tornado at in Parque de Attracctiones in Madrid), 350 is Road Runner Express one of the better Mine Trains I've ever been on, and Loch Ness Monster 349, all pretty decent coasters all things considered. So yeah there's just a lot of good rides, and they don't really get "questionable" until well into the 300s.
  4. Especially in Kentucky, last I checked there are quite a few manufacturer's of fine distilled spirits in the area that I'm sure would love to partner up and have a tasting room at the park...... Seriously though I think this park has a pretty bright future. I'm from KY, don't live there any more, but in the time I've been gone tourism in the state has grown exponentially. Lots of new hotels and restaurants and stuff, even in the little town I'm from, and plenty of people traveling there for the Bourbon distilleries and other attractions. I'm not sure what effect Covid had on all of that b
  5. Yeah as much as I love to dig into the results of this poll I really kind off look at the results in tiers. The top like 30 or 40 or so are really elite level coasters. 50-125 or so are all really really good, then like 130-250 are all good coasters that I'd be more than happy to have at my home park. It's so hard to put together a definitive ranking of anything people evaluate subjectively. When Tennessee Tornado, a glass smooth arrow looping coaster in the woods with a great drop through tunnel on the side of a mountain is ranked 218 then ya know everything below that is pretty good. I mean
  6. That's understandable with Celebration City but I kind of see this being exactly like Wild Adventures, where the park stays open and does pretty well for a small regional park. Might not see major new attractions every other year but the park will be clean and well operated, and they'll probably add a lot of fun festivals and seasonal stuff.
  7. I doubt much will change at the park aesthetically outside of some beautification projects here and there, it's not like they're going to overhaul entire sections to fit a theme that the park doesn't have to begin with. As long as Herschend keeps the park profitable and open then don't see any negative to this really.
  8. Cheetah Hunt was 69 but I'm still working on the correlation to make a joke about it.
  9. There's always some interesting results in this poll. I kind of forgot about Colossus at Heide Park since it was closed for a few years so that popping up in the top 10 was surprising. I remember that coaster ranking fairly high before it closed but I don't recall it being commonly in top 10's, but maybe that's just my poor memory. I certainly don't remember it being rated higher than Balder. Always interesting to see where all the B&M inverts fall. Looks like Nemesis, Pyrenees, Montu, & Katun were the top 4 this year, which seems accurate, then Black Mamba was 5th above Afterburn
  10. These parks are probably not near the top of the list or anything but Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair, and Darien Lake all kind of come to mind. Each park has 7-8 coasters and only one maybe two of them are anything special, Ride of Steel might be the only one at either of those three that comes anywhere near a top 25. Might be able to throw Dorney in that same mix. I'd happily spend a day at any of those parks but they're all pretty decent sized parks with somewhat average coaster collections.
  11. Forget Falcon's Fury or Zumanjaro.... this is now the world's greatest drop tower.
  12. Well today I learned that I've been pronouncing Abyssus wrong this whole time lol
  13. I have no idea how this park does attendance wise but I think it does okay. I know a lot of people around here that visit pretty often since it's not much longer of a drive than Orlando, and in South Georgia there's not much else around. I've seen people post pics of the waterpark in the summer and the place is packed, and when we last visited during Halloween we left before the night time attractions opened but the parking lot was filling up REAL fast on our way out. It might be like Hershend's version of Michigan's Adventure or something, yeah an RMC'd Cheetah or a new coaster w
  14. I just noticed my "mini trip report" post from 2 years ago like 5 posts above this but honestly we really had a nice time when we went. Granted we have younger kids and there were a lot of things to keep them entertained but I'd be more than happy to make a trip back sometime. If you keep an eye on their socials they run a lot of great deals and discounts during the spring and fall when they're not as bust. I wouldn't say it's a park worth going out of your way for but for $20 or BOGO tickets or something it's not a bad place to spend a day.
  15. Last time I was there (late summer 2019 I believe) it was by far the worst wooden coaster I'd ever been on, and I generally don't mind rougher coasters. It would probably take some extensive trackwork to get it back to rideable so you're not missing much.
  16. That's awesome to hear, we're going in a few weeks for spring break and my oldest loves sloths so we're going to take her on that tour and she's going to freak out lol. Although I did find it odd the the age minimum for the Sloth tour was 8 years old and the minimum for the penguins and flamingos was 5 so we have to split the kids up into separate animal tours. Kind of funny considering a sloth is like the tamest animal on planet earth lol.
  17. Question for passholders, maybe Bill or someone else who goes frequently here can help. I've got the Florida 4 parks Gold Pass and I get some free tickets through it. In the past to redeem those tickets you go a kiosk or the ticket window, scan your pass, get your tickets, then go about your day. With covid restrictions and having to have a reservation, the website says you still have to redeem your free tickets at the park on the day of your visit, but then have to also make a reservation to use those tickets. Is there anyway to get those tickets in advance to make a reservation? I haven't he
  18. I was trying to think about that as well, maybe at Cedar Point? They could probably build some kind of cool structure around Millennium Force's first turn around, or the Valravn lift/drop? An observation deck a could hundred feet in the air at that park would be cool for the views so it might work.
  19. I am kind of curious about this, if that's truly the case where they're just licensing the name I wouldn't think that the Six Flags brand name would have that much value in that part of the world but then again who knows.
  20. It's going to make me think "wow how did they do that" and probably think about how cool of an experience it was. Will probably also make me think "who seriously thinks that Ellen's universe of Energy is better than this?" Then it's going to inspire me to get in line again, and then to renew my annual pass so I can come back many many times to ride an incredible new attraction in my favorite Disney park. That's how it'll make me think and inspire me.
  21. The old Believe show at SeaWorld is still one of my favorites, for an animal show it was just so much fun. The music, choreography, trainers still swimming with the whales, it was so good. Blue Horizons was also really good. Other than those there was a solid 10 or so year stretch when the Bill and Ted Show at Horror Nights was the coolest thing ever, it was so funny and risque and fun that there was kind of nothing else like it and probably never will be again considering how quickly people get offended and "cancel" things these days.
  22. I wonder if they got around to fixing/replacing the one slide of Runoff Rapids that's been closed for a few years. It's really bizarre the slide is there but the entry and exit are both boarded up, just kind of bizarre looking for a Disney park. As much a we love Blizzard Beach another 2 person tube slide would be a great so hopefully that slide is back to normal when the park re-opens.
  23. Yeah very fun concept, my kids would have a blast at a place like this. Gonna be honest, I didn't realize SBF Visa made this many rides. I knew about the spinning coasters obviously and vaguely recall some other stuff they've had on display at IAAPA, but didn't realize they had a catalogue like they do. Kind of reminds me of Zamperla, especially with this concept outfitting more or less an entire facility with rides.
  24. I mean I would like to think that Florida cares.... they just care you spending tourism money more
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