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  1. I had the same thing happen to me...once I got into my late 30s and early 40's my body began to rebel against my love for coasters. Motion sickness patches pretty much solve the problem for me. That, and avoiding more aggressive coasters earlier in the day (I'm a night owl and I don't do well with anything very active in the morning) ensures I don't have to battle motion sickness. I figured that one out when I realized that all of my episodes of queasiness happened while riding before noon. Finally, I also noticed that certain motions were much harder to tolerate, like going backwards. S
  2. Probably the most forceless coaster (outside of some family coasters and mine trains) is one that is, thankfully, no longer with us. That would be Psychlone at SFMM. All I remember it being was slow, dull and rough....The first drop was so sluggish that it made many of those milder mine trains and smaller family coasters feel like high thrill rides. The rest of the ride was like traveling over a pothole laden road in an old pickup truck. Almost no laterals, and very little on the negative (or positive) G's. Another that comes to mind (and yes, also no longer with us) is Shockwave at KD.
  3. Kind of reminds me of the time I was at Mt. Olympus and my friend and I witnessed a maintenance worker as he stood waiting on the platform until the one train on Hades dispatched. Then he jumped down onto the track and sprayed something on some part of the track (possibly something to do with the breaks...not sure) all the while looking over his shoulder and listening for the train to come back around. Then he would jump back up on the platform as the train headed for the brake run. It just blew my mind that someone would be allowed to do maintenance or repair work on the track while the ride
  4. I'm not a Steelers fan either (nor am I a huge sports fan in general), so the rest of the themed area would hold no interest for me. That said, out of all of my most favorite coasters, precious few have inversions. I've only ridden one S&S coaster, Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach, and I found it unimpressive - not rough or painful, but just meh..... Also, the idea of extreme height and inversions makes me think of Alpengeist, which was a blast when it first opened and I was much younger. But not I only ride it if I'm with someone who wants to ride. Some people have mentioned the layout
  5. I'd also have to go with Apocalypse at SFA also. When I went to SF Great America a few years ago I missed Iron Wolf. At the time I was disappointed, but once I rode it in its current form, I was so glad I didn't waste time on trying to ride it at SFGA! Also not fond of Green Lantern and what used to be the Vortex at CGA. I didn't mind Riddler and Georgia Scorcher, but I regard stand-ups (B&M or other types) as I do other bad fads of the past - I have no interest in them whatsoever and I doubt I'll ever ride another.
  6. IMO the worst Arrow (and possibly one of the worst coasters ever, period) that I've ever ridden was Drachen Fire. I'll never forget the first (and only) time I rode it back in 96'. I was there with a friend and the park was pretty crowded - even Nessie had an hour long line, and so did BBW. But to reasons yet unknown to me, DF was, quite literally, a walk-on. At the time Alpengiest had yet to be built, and DF was the park's newest coaster, so I could not imagine why there was no line. Well, it didn't take my friend and I long to find out why....after suffering thru that horrid ride, we sat
  7. I'm afraid I have just about come up empty handed, or close to it, especially considering that not a single one of the dozen or so coasters that opened in my birth year is still operating. So I'd never be able to ride any of them unless someone builds a time machine. But amazingly, I did get to ride one of them, one that I actually enjoyed, though it was no where near as thrilling as most of the steel coasters built more recently. The now scrapped Wildcat at CP was first opened about a month after I was born in 1970. https://rcdb.com/114.htm I'd have to pick Wildcat as #1, beca
  8. I have ridden Skyrush many, many times, including one day where I did a marathon of about a dozen rides (not all in a row - I took about a couple hour break doing other coasters and rides in between two sessions) and at the end of the day my thighs were indeed getting sore. I know I could have done more if not for that fact. However, to ride it only once is, IMO, nothing in comparison. So yes, it did feel like someone had sat two complete sets (one on each thigh) of the printed version of the Encyclopedia Britannica on my lap for the length of the ride. But, I quickly discovered that such a
  9. You have some very interesting and beautifully composed photos there! There are so many shots of neat looking scenery and elements that would seldom ever be seen in the photos of most tourists. Some parks do put quite a bit of effort into all of this background stuff that most everyone notices but few pay close attention to. I worked as a scenic artist for a company that did some jobs for Universal IOA back in the late 90's and that park does give much attention to detail, even for stuff that might end up blending into the background. I will be looking forward to seeing your next set of
  10. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: SFA will get a NEW coaster (meaning something brand new and built specifically for the park; not a hand-me-down) once all of these three things happen - #1 - Amelia Earhart's plane wreckage/and/or her remains are found #2 - Jimmy Hoffa's body is found #3 - a certain really hot place freezes over Actually, I saw that not long ago some scientists believe that they have positively ID'd Earhart's remains to a 99% certainty, so one of those things possibly has already happened! Now, all we have to do is wait for the other two to happen.....Bu
  11. I just got home from a very long day that began with a trip to KD and so here is my mini-TR of the media event and official opening of Twisted Timbers. This morning I had to get up quite early to get to KD by around 9:30, and because my boyfriend drives with a bit of a lead foot we got there a little before 9. It was quite chilly outside but at least the sun was nice and bright, and I was comfortable in several layers of clothing. My boyfriend is not a coaster person and so he went off to do some thrift store shoppping. Unfortunately the battery in my car died in the parking lot but he was
  12. I have never had to take the "walk of shame" on any coaster (though I did on one flat ride and almost did on another) but I do recall a few that had the potential to be "close". I am 5'3" and about 30lbs heavier than I should be, and in my case roughly 90% of that excess is below the waist, as is the case with many women. On Millennium Force, Skyrush and S:ROS (SFA) I don't think I've ever had more than about 1.5" of excess belt; and sometimes almost nothing, depending on what seat I was in on which coaster. So for anyone with large hips/thighs, some of these Intamin coasters can be quite un
  13. How strange it was that not very long ago I was half-heartedly joking to someone that due to the accelerated expunging of historical nomenclature, one day soon KD would ditch the name "Rebel Yell".... That said, it seems surely they could do better than that which sounds exactly like a clone of the KI Racer. And it won't surprise me if the ignorant GP don't think that is the case. A better option might have been "_______ Racer" with another word before "Racer". Maybe paint the railings red and call it "Red Racer" to go with the apple theme.... But I don't know, I'm 47 years old, and it
  14. If you are limiting "Eurofighters" to only coasters made by Gerstlauer (and not other manufacturers who have made very similar-styled coasters, like Skyrocket at Kennywood) I have only ridden two so far. Mystery Mine at Dollywood and Spongebob and Nick Universe. Spongebob packed more punch by far; probably because it is smaller, and smaller inversions tend to be more intense than larger elements. But Mystery Mine was overall IMO the better of the two because of the themeing and the parts that are indoors, even though it lacked the intensity of Spongebob.
  15. I like Halloween and pretty much everything to do with it, so I have no issue with parks celebrating it. I do have a friend who does not like the foggy areas where they have "scare zones" not because she's afraid of the characters but she doesn't like not being able to see where she's going. So she isn't too keen on Halloween in parks for a somewhat different reason (other than just not liking the Halloween stuff). And there is one big upside to going to parks that have Halloween events - generally the coasters and other rides are very uncrowded if you go earlier in the day before the
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