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  1. Haha I was thinking the same thing. I stay on that end of town fairly often and actually like that area but the traffic can be a pain. I would guess that when this resort opens From your room to the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot will be a solid 20-30 minutes if nto more depending on traffic. I live in the area and if you just take the back road behind Chick Fil A you only have to go through one stoplight and can be to Animal Kingdom in 5 minutes. But, you are correct if you are traveling during rush hour or early in the morning when the parks are opening it will take longer. Just curious since you know the area, how much of a walk would that be? It not the distance as much as there is no sidewalk most of the way and once you enter Disney property (by Animal Kingdom) their is no pedestrian connection to the park entrance. I have seen people walking it but I wouldn't want to do it.
  2. I agree with pricing. I think it will be themed better than some think. I see this park as a more themed version of a Wet N Wild. I know they will have a huge parking lot for the waterpark. So they are banking on a lot of day visitors.
  3. The master blaster water coaster drop has been installed, the bowl slide structure has been put into place and the racing slide has top off.
  4. So they have started slide instillation. Things should get a lot more interesting moving forward.
  5. Slide towers are going vertical and slide supports are going up rapidly now that foundations are in place. The first two pictures are for the racing slides and drop capsule slides.
  6. This is such a great park. Every time I have visited it exceeds expectations. These new additions look great and might just set them up for a new ride in Christmas in 2020, with them moving their offices to Thanksgiving. That last line was a little weird to type.
  7. Sea World - Infinity Falls Lighting The lighting in this new area does a great job at altering the colors of the rock work, accentuating the sculptural elements while still keeping the the jungle/expedition theme that ties the area together. This turns off (most of the way) when a boat goes through. The Station
  8. Here is a look at the ride and the area now that the walls are down. It is really nicely done and does a good job of 'engaging' people even if they don't ride the ride. Sea World and Busch Gardens seems to do this very well with their rides.
  9. Sea World Orlando - Lighting Part 1 Sea World does a great job of creating a 'relaxed' environment that just feels more natural as you walk around. The lighting in the park focuses on strengthening this laid back feel. Two of their newest areas, Shark Reef and Antarctica have some great lighting with Mako's plaza having special lighting and sound each time a coaster train goes through the plaza. Shark Reef Antarctica
  10. This ride seems to be getting really close to a soft opening. It has been running multiple rafts and dispatching out of the station at normal 'loading speeds'. The lift issue seems fixed and the drop is working well. Hopefully soon.
  11. I would do Water World. Its a huge water park with some really uniquely themed water rides. They have an indoor themed dinosaur raft ride, an Egyptian themed indoor raft slide, a great water coaster and about 30 water slides. Elitch is really not much. Personally I think the best park in Colorado is Glenwood Caverns. You can take the commuter transit system from Denver's Union Station to Glenwood Springs. Its called the Bustang and runs multiple trips every day. (Both directions)
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see in phase 2 a well themed indoor dark ride. This land's new theme would give them a lot of options.
  13. Great news. We really enjoy Sea World and Aquatica in Florida. Great atmosphere, nice theming, great shows and beautiful landscaping. Hope the positive momentum continues.
  14. They could potentially build one or two large 'dry' retention lakes that only fill up for these type of events. I am not sure what the flow rates are for Spring Creek and how big these retention facilities would need to be. So it might or might not be feasible. Building something up stream would probably be their best bet. But that would require land and lots of permits.
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