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  1. Question. If you visit, say, Hurricane Harbor from opening to 3 PM, and you have the dining pass, and use the lunch, and a snack, can you go into the dry park for the rest of the day and get a snack from there? Does it go per park, or per day?
  2. Im going out on a limb and saying that they are getting the first ever RMC T-Rex. They would be the only park in the world with 2 RMCs.
  3. Does anyone know what time tomorrow the announcements will be released? Thanks.
  4. Leafy Hersheypark or Busch Gardens Williamsburg?
  5. I was at the park yesterday, and I found Wildcat better than I remembered actually. I also felt a decent amount of airtime as well. Found it much better than Comet on this trip.
  6. KI- GCI Woodie (Already announced) CP- Soak City Expansion, gets new complex like Snake Pit at Dorney KD- Mass Effect in Action Theater KBF- Gerstlauer Sky Roller (what CW got last year), Soak City Expansion CW- Park Improvements WOF- Huss Troika and Huss Condor DP- Idk, another flat ride? VF- Triotech Dark Ride Carowinds- Music Express, and another flat ride from overseas CGA- Vortex gets the "Mantarou" treatment; converts to a floorless MA- New trees!
  7. Is X Men worth seeing I heard some say it's almost fantastic four bad, and I've heard others say it's great.
  8. Only been on 4.... 4. Batman: The Ride 3. Great Bear 2. Talon 1. Montu
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