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  1. ^They were extremely busy this weekend and it typically gets busier as the fall season goes on. I’m sure they’re just being proactive to handle the expected crowds.
  2. So I’ve been thinking. We know masks help and we know distancing helps too, as water droplets from your nose and mouth are what spreads the virus and they don’t travel more than 6 feet. But if you’re on a roller coaster or any moving object really, you’re technically traveling through the breath of everyone who’s in front of you which completely cancels out the need to be six feet apart. The only way riders won’t be exposed to other riders water droplets is if only ONE group rode per train. Obviously, this isn’t feasible. But if the masks work and cases aren’t spreading from amusement par
  3. ^It would sell out on most Saturdays at cedar point and a few days in July and August as well.
  4. One thing about B&Ms is that the more full a train is, the smoother it will be. So with Orion only filling at MOST half the train, you can expect a rattle sometimes. Was butter smooth when I rode though. Rode Gatekeeper a few days ago and it was amazingly smooth too.
  5. I bought a ticket since they’re discounted so heavily but I just don’t think I’m gonna visit unless Steel curtain is open. I only live two hours away so it’s not a huge deal but... I still don’t want to drive and be sad when I see it but can’t ride it
  6. I think a lot of Rougarou hate comes from the headbanging in the corkscrew. I’ve ridden the ride hundreds of times so I’ve always braced for that section by keeping my head forward. I know not everyone is a fan of having to ride an attraction a certain way to be able to enjoy it, but it significantly improved my rides on it. If you ride in row 7 or 8, seat furthest on the right, you get some fantastic pops of airtime on the s-curves. Rougarou actually has a small fan base and they’ll all tell you to sit there to get the best ride. However, Rougarou will be opening soon and in row 8, the outsid
  7. Didn’t have FastLane. I got to Steel Vengeance at 7:15 and the entrance host said they’re letting people into the line without access passes because there wasn’t a line at all. So I rode twice. Could’ve rode again but I was ready to head out. As I walked by Dragster, it was reopening from downtime. But because the park was closing soon, there weren’t a lot of people around. So it was also a walk on and we had to wait for more riders to show up.
  8. I went to Cedar Point tonight at about 5:30 without a reservation. I visited on Sunday the 12th and had… a pretty awful day. In my 2.5 hours, I managed to ride Raptor, Gatekeeper (twice,) Power Tower, Magnum, Top Thrill Dragster, and Steel Vengeance (twice.) The only ride I waited for was Power Tower and that was about 10 minutes. Steel Vengeance, of all rides, was actually a walk-on. That is super rare. Staffing is getting better as they’re bringing in lots of people from other Cedar Fair parks to fill the gaps. So in the next few weeks, expect to see things go a little more smoothly. I t
  9. ^Even if they dispatch faster, it’s not gonna matter since the trains will probably only be half full anyway. Also, anyone who had already bought a FastLane ticket for this year will be allowed to use it. I still plan on Steel Vengeance’s line being unbearably long.
  10. Cedar point does most of its hiring in the winter/early spring. Many of this seasons employees were hired before all of the pandemic stuff was in full swing. They’ve been doing some trainings via Zoom the past few weeks. Source: Used to work there, tons of friends still do.
  11. Ignorant indeed. One thing no one seems to ever mention is that most businesses in the Sandusky area, particularly along Route 250, are in Perkins Township, NOT Sandusky. Thus, you have all of those big businesses who are NOT contributing to the Sandusky tax revenue, despite being in the same market. Luckily, the Erie County bed tax helps with this in hotels but doesn't do anything for sales tax or income tax. Despite being a city that has declined in population, with a rash of area manufacturing facility closures leading to job losses, the city still manages to balance the budget. The cur
  12. I love how they built that tower to look like a tree so it blends in... Then they chopped down all of the surrounding trees to add more parking. Now it just stands out even worse. Hahahaha
  13. You still can. It costs a little bit more now but even if you buy a pass today, they'll still honor it in 2021.
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