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  1. Just use http://www.rcdb.com/ ! CoasterPeep7 High Roller
  2. I Googled and looky what I found! http://allearsnet.com/tp/mk/mk_alien.htm http://www.mouseplanet.com/mark/mg031105.htm Thank god for Google! Hmmm... Is that Skippy? JK this looks... familiar
  3. This is turning out very good!! I like it! The only thing that bothers me is the "road." When the coaster is banking, it runs into the road! CoasterPeep7
  4. Only at water parks I get that feeling. Usually at water parks, I ride the lazy river for the last hour or two and then I go home. While I am riding in the car, I still feel the current on my back. CoasterPeep7
  5. That looks like a fun ride! Thanks for posting the link CoasterPeep7
  6. This forum is for if you DO have a video, not asking for one. You should ask that in the Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys or Random, Random, Random. Also, check your spelling and punctuation. Thanks. (It's okay if you miss something here and there) I do not have any videos of Adventurdome, though... Sorry...
  7. Ever since like 3rd grade (I'm in 6th now) Florida has been persuading us not to smoke. They say that if you are smoking (just in case) when you try to quit, you should try to avoid people more because you become moody and bored. You know what I mean? Smoking is kind of a hobby, but an addicting one. They say you should chew gum, just like Shockwave is, you can work on your other hobbies you have, or you can be creative and just draw. You can basically do anything but smoking. BTW, congrats on the 1st day w/o smoking, Shockwave I hope you understood what I said I make short stories long... CoasterPeep7
  8. grab some peppermints from his back pocket when he stole them from Carrabba's. (on his way to saving Elissa, he stopped at Carabba's) He threw peppermints at Joey while he was making a getaway but he missed. He was running through the park then all of a sudden, Joey was trapped! He ran into a child's play ground to find himself in front of monkey bars over water. He was scared so he slid down the slide. As quick as a cat, Robb... CoasterPeep7
  9. I heard that Disney built the OTSR to keep unexpected terrified people in place. I.E. Parents and there little 7-year-old!
  10. No... I'm in Florida Do you think Deja Vu is underrated? CoasterPeep7
  11. Wow! I am impressed! That looks like a cool park. But, the teaser wont work for me. CoasterPeep7
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