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  1. Ya know, I don't post here very often but I did read about this elsewhere and I wanted to post my congratulations to the new parents. I'm sure your parents are thrilled they have a grandbaby! (I would be if I were) p.s. that's a sneaky way to get all the kiddie coaster credits!
  2. off season? what's that? our parks don't close down here.
  3. Ryan: that was awesome! I don't know why but I thought it was hilarious when the soviet flag dropped down. oh, now I remember, because C.T. said he loved the U.S. at the beginning. speaking of, why was he playing guitar during the piano solo? and Shannon looks adorable! glad she said 'yes'.
  4. Hi. I'm not new but I do make rare appearances from time to time so some of y'all may think I'm new. I'm just a TPR hermit.
  5. GH2. Already beat it on easy and medium. I'm 22/30 on hard. already got gold stars on 1/4 of the songs on medium and I usually play it to show off at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. and I keep missing 100% on "Sweet Child o' Mine" by 1 flippin' note!! grrrr. *mad*
  6. Don't you hate members who only show up for photoshop contests?! LIKE ME!! enjoy. Robb Report - Shave-a-palooza edition
  7. Robb catches a quick snack between rides.
  8. I have to plan well in advance to be able to go to theme parks.
  9. ..and in a year or two my vote may change from bi-girl to lesbian.
  10. ..which is why I sometimes refer to men as objects...to shift the power back towards center a little.
  11. I think perhaps it's all a matter of pure economics: 18-20 year old women will have guys hitting on them and buying them drinks..which means more $ for the club and more tips for the bartender. 18-20 year old men can buy soda, juice or water. um...and that's it. no incentive or extra $ for the club or bartenders. besides, when you go out to a club which would you rather spend your time looking at: 18-20 year old women or 18-20 year old men? hey, in two years it won't matter.
  12. how flattering, the myspace for Sheikra is using R&E's onride video. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=47875242
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