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  1. I've never 'blacked' or 'greyed' out on a ride. At one time, I blacked & greyed out a lot just in general life, but I was borderline anorexic. The things I learned were: HYDRATE! You need fluids, even overpriced ones, more so in the heat and/or sun. If you don't have enough fluids your blood volume and your blood pressure drops, so your heart may not generate the force to get blood to your brain. Blood sugar: EAT something! If you haven't eaten significant food in hours, just a piece of gum can be the worst thing for you, because that sudden influx of sugar causes your body to expect more, so it secretes lots of insulin which then knocks your blood sugar down even lower. Despite an earlier post, I think gaining a couple pounds helps. Generally, you need to have enough, consistent blood pressure to pump it to your brain under high G's. A grey out for me usually started as tunnel vision, and only occasionally went to a black out because it was enough to alert me that something was wrong and to hydrate and eat. During a black out, I would just go down (head + concrete = bad), sometimes with no warning. Some people have minor vagus nerve disorders or sensitivities that can make them exceptionally prone to both, especially on changing physical positions. If you nearly pass out when you give blood, you probably have a vagus nerve disorder (or are too skinny).
  2. Thanks for the update! I hadn't been able to find anything on fan sites either, so I really didn't know whether to think it worse than apparently is is. I really appreciate the info!
  3. Doesn't anyone know what's going on with this? Gimme a link, something . . .
  4. As of 1pm yesterday the Knoebels receptionist thought Haunted Mansion would be open on Saturday. Knoebels is indeed the flying turns park, although not sure if it will be done this year. The structure seems relatively undamaged. Webcam here: http://www.flyingturnsproject.com/FT_Webcam.html
  5. Even if pieces from the fins hit him in the eye I'd think it would have to be pretty darn deep to require 5 days - I don't get it. If to keep him quiet the park gave him an all-expense paid VIP trip to Busch Tampa, wouldn't they announce it rather than have him in the hospital for a day, sneak out, and sneak back into the hospital days later to be released? I don't know about your experiences, but I've never seen a hospital let anyone milk anything more than a day or so extra. Would you want to be in a hospital when Busch could be giving you that trip to Tampa?
  6. The injured man was in the hospital five nights. http://www.timesdispatch.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=RTD/MGArticle/RTD_BasicArticle&c=MGArticle&cid=1149188816294 'A man injured Friday when a Paramount's Kings Dominion roller coaster malfunctioned was released yesterday from VCU Medical Center. The man, a Utah resident whose name has not been released, suffered what Kings Dominion spokeswoman Susie Storey described as a laceration over his right eye. "We don't have any more information about the guest's injury," Storey said yesterday in an e-mail. "We're all so glad that he has been released from the hospital."' If the response is by email, I wonder if the park is returning the reporter's phone calls. I have trouble believing the park doesn't know what happened, just that they aren't sharing it. Since it's suspended, are the LIMs above the ride - is there much shielding on Volcano between the fins & the train below?
  7. I think with the article using quotes like '"We all thought we were going to die," the 21-year-old from Yorktown said last night. "I really feared for my life."' it's being presented in a sensational manner. Since someone was hospitalized for at least one night it does sound like something significant happened. I'm guessing the trip we've got planned in 3 weeks should probably be postponed.
  8. It's very telling about Six Flags that I've only been stuck on a breakdown on two rides, and both of them were named Superman (SFGAdv - UF & SFA ROS). Try hanging for an extended time from the Superman:UF straps during a breakdown.
  9. If you are as cheap as I am, you might look at the Priceline & Hotwire tips on http://www.betterbidding.com/ . You won't know exactly where you are staying, but you'll be able to afford the soda at the park. http://www.tripadvisor.com/ is my favorite for reviews of hotel rooms if you are interested in checking out individual places. Tips - assuming you start early, start at the back of the park - Batwing (usually the longest wait) & Superman:ROS. Unless you are a masochist, avoid Mind Eraser - it's headbanging is among the most evil I've come across, with the stinkiest OTSRs ever.
  10. ^ Just can't fathom those 0s, huh?
  11. ^ I didn't intend to suggest bisexuality wasn't real - I think it's to some degree the nature of most (there goes that keyword again) people. A lot of gay people have disagreed with me. Perhaps we only truly understand how we ourselves are. I don't think I've ever seen a Kinsey scale population breakdown. Most people seem to lean more in one direction or another, and it's probably just simpler to focus in one area/community. I would call myself bi-, although I haven't been with a woman in 10 years, and have strong heterosexual leanings (although that may simply be out of the convenience of societal acceptance). I thought Kinsey was 0-6, in which case I'm a 1.5. It's beautiful, and probably incredibly healthy, that you love the person inside whoever it is you love. I wish more people did. ------------------ Changing directions somewhat. Ignoring the religious 'shellfish is fine but laying with another man is an abomination' folk, I've known lots of non-religious, majorly homophobic men, my younger brother for one (despite the fact that my omni-present best friend was gay). There is the hypothesis that severely homophobic people have strong homosexual inclinations, & are scared to death. Most of these guys seem to me to be sexist pigs (gynophobic a$$holes, actually). For them, is it perhaps that being intimate with another man is somehow feminine, woman-ish, whatever (they clearly haven't known the gay men I have), & therefore inferior? Is some male homophobia also related to sexism? Cr@p, I hate this - I thought the Enlightenment started 600 years ago.
  12. Being bi- has been a fad among people of a certain age for AT LEAST 20 years. Most of the men will become gay, most of the women will become straight. Keyword 'most.' I think it's just the way women are built: if we love someone, we want to be or at least have no problem being intimate with them, regardless of the details. I would hope that the upside is greater tolerance down the road as friends think 'my friend Jane slept with a woman' and relatives realize 'my niece Joan had a relationship with a woman' and neither Jane nor Joan appear to be 'sick' or likely to burn in hell. The downside would be the possibility of people thinking 'John slept with a woman once, so why doesn't he 'choose' to keep doing it?'
  13. 8 minute loading + 2 minute ride means it'll increase the time you spend baking in the sun before returning to the station, too. But I do hope it'll get the lines down to 1.5 hours. The ride ops becoming more experienced with stapling should help too. Does anyone know what the morning delay is for? When we visited on Tuesday it opened with the park, but on Thursday there was a 2 hr & something delay.
  14. On our first ride, in the middle of the train, my husband successfully wore his sunglasses after bending them into a very tight face conforming shape. On the second ride the ops had him remove them. That was on the trip that something (retainer, partial plate maybe?) flew away from someone ahead of us, so it was probably a good move. I put my cell phone in my rear cargo pocket for yesterday's ride in the third row, since none of the others seemed secure enough.
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