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  1. I've finally begun to really appreciate wooden roller coasters recently, and Wooden Warrior looks awesome! The new trains look really comfortable, but I have a question about the restraints? Are they good as well? Because all I can think of when I see them are the awful restraints on Rip Ride Rockit.
  2. I agree! Next time I'm anywhere near Missouri, I'm going to Lambert's. That place looks fantastic! I've been there before. It's amazing! Unfortunately I went to Missouri in the off season and the park was closed. I still got to see snow though!
  3. The links to download the NL Pack extractor are gone now. I used to have it on my old computer but I don't have it anymore. Is it still available online?
  4. This is so sad I live 10 minutes away from this coaster and it was my first woodie. Driving past it on I95 is easily the most interesting part of my commute to school. The only other wooden coaster I've ever been on before was Gwazi, so that's not much to compare it to, but apparently this was a really great ride as far as woodies are concerned. (btw...the animation in my avatar is a sped up POV on The Blender...the skyscraper ride that used to be at boomers that is also now gone)
  5. lol there are 15 people in front of me. I can't believe I actually made it this far without getting disconnected. I normally have such horrible internet.
  6. I've been waiting ever since I got off work at 5. I now have 100 people in front of me! I'm getting excited now! I think I'm just going to go for one of the colored balls...it is going to be so exciting if I win something no matter how stupid it is, so if those are easier to get then that is what I'm going for. 4 of the 8 people around me have been sticking with me for the last 400 minutes. This is getting exciting! (Btw I haven't posted here or on any theme park related forum other than horror night nightmares in a VERY long time.....this is a weird way to start back up again, but hey I'm still here)
  7. I started the download last night, woke up in the morning and it said it was complete. The file was 1.2 GB, not 1.3, but it worked nonetheless. I used Safari (for windows) to download it, because I do all sorts of weird things in firefox and make it crash all the time. When it downloaded it, the file's extension was not filename.mp4, it was filename.mp4.gz Quicktime could not recognize the file until I deleted .gz from the extension, then, it worked great. I'm not sure what the .gz is....probably a weird Safari thing. None of this was a problem though, because I have the video now and it plays
  8. I've been having the same problem but Robb is right, when the file stops downloading, it's because the server is busy and my browser times out. I'm going to try this during the night, and it should work. If only people read THIS thread, the one that they had to go to get their link from, then I think there would be less people saying that the store is broken and "this is why I don't pay for any of the downloadable videos in the TPR store" and hopefully more people being thankful. -Andrew "Is going to buy a T Shirt, a Hoodie, and maybe a few In the Raw DVDs once I get a PayPal account."
  9. Just like the sun and hot weather gets old for us down in Florida (at least for me). Everyone tells me that I would hate living up north, but I would love being able to go outside without feeling like I need to take a shower when I come back in. I've been loving these updates. So many awesome people are at this show. I was particularly interested in all of the haunt stuff that I saw in the pictures.
  10. Are you absolutely sure that you weren't just seeing them exit in the downstairs loading area? I don't think guests have ever been allowed to ride that small lift back up to the first loading station, and even if they did, they'd probably be sitting on it, backed up for a while, waiting for the extra trains to cycle before they could get back to the station.
  11. Thanks for the update! I like everything that I see, except that you can't see the people in the control tower anymore And I LOVE that Space Mountain Shirt! Finally Space Mountain gets a T-Shirt that isn't incredibly cheesy and doesn't involve disney characters. I'd buy it!
  12. It should make the ride itself much darker! And if you looked hard enough, you could see the supports and the track of the entire ride from the loading station...which ruins the theme a bit.
  13. Not everyone is exactly the same height as you. Also, no body wants to touch where your A$$ has been! People seem to be fine with touching where thousands of people put their hands all day long, my shorts aren't making the railings any dirtier... You don't have to be an exact height, but it is a nice place to rest. Indeed. <--- Showing my love for the railing
  14. Also, I know that sitting on railings is usually discouraged in queues, but I've never seen a sign or heard a person tell me not to in Space Mountain, and on the standby side, I've found that the rails are the perfect distance apart to sit on one side and put your feet on the bottom of the other. The fastpass line, however, lacks this amazing trait. And for the general topic: I'm still really hoping for the same trains, and even if they change the trains, I doubt that it will be possible to make two in a row seating without replacing the track, which makes me happy, because I don't want that changed. I want it to be darker in the ride, and I know it will be, because they are closing in the station. I do hope that they change the projections inside the building. When I rode past one of the walls I could see really shaky looking stars, it looked pretty sad. And what about the post-show? I'm a big fan of the nostalgia from this area, but I also realize how old it is. So I guess I'll be happy whether they keep it or change it. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about when I say blue light shining through thin pieces of wood with holes in it? Those remind me of a store shelf, where all of the pegs hang from. They've been working on this refurb for a while, so I'm sure that there is a lot more that they've been working on that we don't know about.
  15. I'm both excited and disappointed from finding out that the ride has not been changed much. Honestly, I hope the trains are the same. I think they are so comfortable and I love the 1 in a row seating. I also hope that they keep the music from the original queue in some form. I like the new enclosed station a lot! And.... Both sides are the same! Only mirror images! Gahhhhhhh!!!
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