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  1. I am here today, they opened it at 1030 with 1 train, me and my kids were on the first train out. Has been running all day so far, we just got back in line and they are adding the 2nd train now. Jeff
  2. Here are some control panel pics from Kings Dominion taken in 2005. Jeff Hurler Backwards Rebel Yell (North side) Rebel Yell Forward (South side) Closeup of Rebel Yell's display Shockwave Hypersonic XLC main board Hypersonic load board
  3. Apparently Fury 325 is having a major breakdown this weekend. It only opened briefly yesterday morning as has been down since and Carowinds tweeted that they don't expect it to be open today either. Anybody know what the deal is? JEFF
  4. Part 2- The big day- 9 parks 22 coasters in a little over 12 hours. All places I have never been Bowcraft Amusement park Luna park (Coney Island) Denos wonder wheel park (Coney Island) Keansburg Amusement park Jenkinson's Boardwalk Casino Pier Steel Pier Gillians Wonderland Pier Playland Castaway cove. I did not take too many pics after Coney Island because of NY traffic put me way behind schedule. I was planning to do Moreys But I ran out of time, I have all of Moreys credits except Doo whopper so it was not a priority. credit #361 Crossbow at bowcraft a really nice
  5. Had a few days of freedom this past week so I decieded to go get some credits and the best place to do that is in New Jersey so I planned out an Itenerary where I could hit the most parks in a short span of time. Typically I am a big park/coaster guy but I wanted to try and break 400 coasters by the end of the year. One of highlights of my trip was to finally ride the Coney Island Cyclone and to my surprise it is a great coaster, I had seen alot of comments the last few years about how the new track work has ruined the ride but I thought the ride was still very wild with lots of forces but s
  6. off season of 1994-95 they removed the 1st corkscrew and replaced it with the "exit ramp" Thanks for sharing those pics PianoJohn, they were great. JEFF 1995-1998 1992-1994
  7. Saturday morning me and my son went to get our last rides on Shockwave but of course took advantage of early ride time on I-305 and forecast said 0% chance of rain on Friday but of course at 1030am we were there in a downpour that lasted about an hour. I have never experienced pain like that before. 90+mph, front seat in the rain is quite the experience.but since I had my camera I thought it would make for good pics of people experiencing this crazy pain so here are some cool pics of I305 in the pouring rain. JEFF They love pain! ouch even the "slow" parts hurt like hell The
  8. Are the existing coasters still operating, I am doing a jersey shore trip and was gonna get the credits there. JEFF
  9. Thanks for the compliments everyone. Honestly it is alot of "work" to get unique shots because they take alot of time out of a day you could be spending riding coasters so usually I only take the time to do this at parks that I frequent often. Alot of parks have good photo spots buried in the water park or tucked away in remote spots in the parking lot. Sometimes it is a hassle taking camera gear in street clothes to the top of an 80ft water slide past dripping kids but Thunder road was worth it and I think the shots were well worth it especially with the plentiful racing going on all day. I a
  10. Thunder Roads last days. I will give it to Carowinds, they were running all 4 trains on a weekday and the ops were really into it interacting with the crowd and racing them consistently throughout the day. If you are gonna send a classic coaster out in style, this is how you do it. testing after the thunder Fading away
  11. Thunder road- Thanks for the memories. Sad trend in the industry lately. The most perfect and even race I have ever seen on a coaster. Money shot more to come
  12. More pics geek shot Charlotte Harmony Hall is a great addition
  13. I have made the trek from Richmond to Carowinds 3 times this year because of Fury, it is that good. I would put Fury as #2 steel behind I-305. The park had really made some big strides in the past year and CF is really putting its stamp on the park. Thunder road leaving is really sad especially after all the work they just put into it but I give CF credit that at least they are letting everyone know about coaster removals now well ahead of time so that people can get their last rides in. I am not much of a writer but I wanted to share my pics I have taken from spots that you don't see too of
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