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  1. how is DarKastle?...i've never been to BGW and i feel like im missing out on a good park
  2. Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman Tower of Terror (MGM) ...i dont get out of Florida that much
  3. thanks erinys it's about time someone sees what im saying and for the comment above maybe more 18-20 girls go to clubs bc theyre allowed to, when guys that age maybe would have went had that age restirction not been there
  4. haha i was gonna say something about that but the difference is a night club is liable for any under age drinking so if they got caught they could be sued.
  5. but 18-20 year old people shouldnt *legally* be drinking, and besides you know a water or soda costs $3-5 anyway in those places.
  6. haha yeah i might be able to sneak in but i really dont even want to now after all of this i still disagree with any club doing that, theres just something that doesnt seem right about it
  7. yeah dude i dont go to clubs and really i dont care i just figured since my town is pretty boring it might have given me something to do some frday nights when there is nothing to do but play halo and drink warm mountain dew haha but youre right parties are better
  8. of course thats one of the reasons i would complain but the main thing is it just doesn't seem right to set those age limits...like all of my *girl* friends from high school could go to this club and i wouldnt be able to hang out with them...and you know if you were 18,19, or 20 youd be pretty upset about it and if you try to look at it from an objective standpoint you might see that there is something wrong with this policy
  9. how would the teen guys get alcohol? the 21 year old guys buy the alcohol for the girls not for the guys...and those hot chicks are my age i have just as much a right to have a chance with them as a 21 year old does
  10. true 18 year old guys CAN act like dickheads but so can drunk 21 year olds...and you know what goes on in these clubs is that the guys buy the drinks and give them to the younger girls. in that sense it's not only not fair to the guys my age but also the women for being taken advantage of
  11. thanks for the input guys...i guess it is up to the proprietor to set the limits but i still dont agree with it ... and yeah i realize women will always get special treatment oh well
  12. i will NOT go to another club haha its the principle of the matter. im not complaining really because im not so much of a club guy but if this was "white guys 18+" "black guys 21+" the black guys would complain as is expected so i feel i have a right to complain
  13. haha yeah but the point is im tired of women getting special treatment and it's really not fair for the guys my age.
  14. I don't know much about night clubs because i never go, but i was under the impression that they were either 18+ or 21+ and maybe the cost is different for different ages or sex (like it costs more if youre 18 because you cant drink or women drink free or women enter at a lower cost) but there is this new club opening up around me that only allows "ladies" 18+ and "gentlemen" 21+ and i find this to be ridiculous, and sexist. i have even heard from women friends (who are underage) that theyve not only gotten alcoholic drinks at clubs but they have gotten them for free!!! Bull**** i say....now dont get me wrong im not a square, but i am just pissed that women can get away with this. This age thing is just so pathetic guys can lure young women that are my age (19). i really would like to protest the opening of the club but ill be in orlando on my trip to animal kingdom and universal haha. But if you guys can enlighten me on the age limit on clubs that would be cool. i really dont find this to be american at all how is this equality? its segregation is what it is!
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