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  1. That's really funny. I really liked how they did that song from "Rent"
  2. Oh, yeah. Same here... I can't forget the Escalator Ride!
  3. Oh My! That Bear scared the crap out of me, when I scrolled down.
  4. I tried searching in the search engine, and nothing came up about Quotes, and so I made up Favorite TPR Quote. just post your favorite quote from Robb, and the whole TPR gang. My quote is on my signature. It was pretty hilariuos when they just kept splashing water onto Dan the MAN!
  5. Shouldn't it be Theme Parks - Roller Coasters - Fun! ? Yay, or Nay ?
  6. Omg. French Canadian Acrobats. Hmm. I think I've seen one at Circus Circus at las Vegas. =P What's next Robb ?
  7. ^That's awesome. I wanna go check it out. How long is the show ?
  8. Those pictures were awesome. I would love to see more, Please!
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