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  1. Conker Live And Reloaded. Its War Caualty Dept. this game is funny as hell (loving the saving private ryan movie spoof hehe)
  2. Zelda Twilight Princess Wii its amazing. just done the death mountain dungeon only complaint is so far the dungeons seem a little to easy same with boss battles.
  3. is there a way for me to get a thing to allow me to plug an ethernet plug in cause it only has usb's
  4. Comapny Of Heroes (woooooooooooooo!!!!) The lvl were you have to attack the v2 bomb place (its hard) I just finished F.E.A.R Extraction point and i was really dissapointed with it Problems with it 1)it was like 5 hours long 2)it felt like it ruined the story of the first one to me 3)they brought Paxton fetal back to life 4)alma is helping you then she needs your help i meen wtf ?? 5)also it wasnt scary atall 6)dissapointing ending things i liked 1)miniguun is awsome 2)yummy gore effects are still here 3)enviroments were more varied than the original Only play it if you loved the first one (like me) and dont go expecting anything special from it.
  5. So as probarbley guessed on this thread post youre Steam usernames and what games you play and maby make a server on something for us all to play over Heres mine Username:nboy202 Games i play:Half life Deathmatch (Classic and new source one) Day of defeat (Source and Regular) Counterstricke (source and regular again) Dark Messiah (when it comes out on friday) Team fortress classsic (and 2 when it comes out) And of course Gmod 9
  6. Definatley the excorsist but im also a fan of Hostel
  7. For Me Foo Fighters "All My Life"
  8. hi on this topic post what upcoming games you are looking forward to for me its Half Life 2 Episode 2 Dark Messiah Of Might And Might And Magic Just Cause GTA Vive City Stories Call Of Juraz Call Of Duty 3 Bully F.E.A.R Extraction Point Halo 3 Splintercell Double Agent WOW Burning Crucade Crysis Scarface Battlefeild 2142 And Medieval Total War 2
  9. hi on this board u can post youre system specs for everyone to look at if you dont know them this is how you find out . start bar Run type "dxdiag" and youre system specs come up in a window here are mine prosessor-Intel Pentium D 2x 3.4 ghz 2 gig ram Nividia G-Force 7600 GS 512mb card 660 gig hard drive and if you want all of the specs download this.. DxDiag.txt da specs
  10. Hi i just finished fahrenheit about 10 mins ago i must recomend it to everyone here who enjoys a game with creepy scenes good story strange controls stunning grapics and amazingly original. this really is a must for any hardcore gamer.. i think its called The Indigo Prophecy in america ?? theres a short demo on the website http://www.atari.com/fahrenheit/
  11. Definately The foo fighters but the red hot chili peppers are getting better
  12. Well if anyone wants a full POV Of the ride theres one here http://www.visionsfantastic.com/main.php?page=pirates i personally think it looks a little bit better because it actually has a story. and the room with the skeliton on the tresure looks much better..
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