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  1. well could u class the haunted mansion at disney land a haunted house coz i thought the special effects on that were well good the ball room with the ghosts dancing is well good does anyone else think that that is a good ride shame its not exactly scary The Haunted Mansion In The Ballroom
  2. Well I Really like it my fav bit is where there is a whole roof on fire that well good
  3. "Your Mom is so fat that she jumped down the grand canyon and got stuck" "Your mom is so fat that when she wears a green dress she looks like a pool table"
  4. the ast game i played was nintendogs don't ask me why tho coz i really dont no
  5. when i went on revenge of the mummy my little brother was a bit scared so the woman next to him said its like spiderman you will love it my brother hated it and still i dont think its anything like spiderman does anyone else think its like spiderman
  6. What is your favourite bit on revenge of the mummy mine was the roof on fire that was well good but just a bit hot
  7. mine is a nightmare on elm street every single 1
  8. Wouls someone be as nice as to tell me when Scary Movie 4 is comin out it looks well good
  9. I I like nightmare on elm street films they are well good i have the box set does anyone else
  10. mine of cause is either Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco but still i really like jimmy eat world man i like to much music also i like Taking Back Sunday arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh to many to choose from
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