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  1. We should go back sometime this summer. The park is really nice and Im going to miss the log flume.
  2. Here is a video from Opening Day of MOA. "Sponge Bob RAW footage"
  3. School dont usually have trip till the start of June. You will be fine.
  4. It was a joke. Solved! Besides I don't believe anything after the stories of the Viper rollback, and Travis Foldger Alvey...
  5. I'm a Senior and I'm in the same exact class. We just finished the train but I just copied my friends files and turned them in I like the class but I usually play games online or watch movies during it.
  6. Ahh....this is the same exact track as the steel venom on V1.5 All you did was change the colors
  7. I don't even know what this is....but I could not stop laughing....
  8. I do not think that Smoking should be R rated. I teach youth swimming lessons and I am a smoker....does this mean that I am harmful to your kids? Hell, there have been times where I have been smoking outside a store and some kid recognizes me and then I talk to there parents. And I have yet to be talked to about my appearance or actions. It is one thing to make smoking around people who don't like smoke banned, it is another to completely shelter kids from having anything to do with it. Besides, EVERYTHING kills you....yes smoking is unhealthy, but occasionally smoking is not going to kill you in a few years
  9. Cause you touch yourself at night How many times has the answer "cause you touch yourself at night" been used.
  10. Its 3:24 here up in Wisconsin. We ate 365 mcnuggets at midnight!
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