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  1. Wow, I'm not ashamed to admit that it was really exciting to have a random package from a random stranger show up at my door! (Maybe that wasn't such a good way to phrase it...don't get any ideas.) But seriously, how often are we able to be surprised by something these days? Package in hand and anticipation growing, I was able to experience a little bit of childhood again-- before the world of amazon wish lists and gift cards when things were actually a surprise. What could it be? Packing peanuts....yay! Oh wait, and some other really fun stuff . Note: Banana not for scale Banana
  2. Really enjoying this tradition, and this thread! Got the last piece to my gift yesterday and shipped it on its merry way today. Happy ChrisHanKwanSivus, everyone. Great job spreading cheer around the world .
  3. Thanks for organizing, Brandy! I'm looking forward to participating with the TPR family this year....and I like surprises.
  4. I'm totally loving this thread! As the resident Coasting For Kids ninja, I can't resist poking a little fun...
  5. Hope you guys didn't talk bad about me to my boss (Mayor Clayton)... Seriously, though, way to go! What a great event Attractions Magazine organized--so glad TPR was part of it. Thanks for coming out and showing your support, and for raising more than $3k! You are all awesome.
  6. Fun and thorough coverage (as always), TPR! Thanks for sharing. When I was there earlier in the month they were doing a lot of painting, landscaping and other general improvements to the area and it looks like the hard work paid off. The coaster definitely surprised me and was a lot of fun, very smooth and the staff were really excited about it. Kudos to the Daytona Fun Parks family for bringing this great addition to the Boardwalk. I will be back!
  7. WOW...absolutely phenomenal job fundraising this year, Team TPR! It makes me so proud to see how dedicated and passionate this group is, and the creative ways you garner support for the mission of GKTW. Although cold and rainy, I had an awesome time at Valleyfair-- I swear Coasting is my favorite day of the year . It was nice meeting my fellow TPR'ers. There is truly not enough thanks to go around to those who participated, donated, supported and promoted, but we thought this might make you smile. We had one of our special guests make a sign especially for you all...check it out!
  8. Fellow TPR members...you have done an extraordinary job rallying around this event and raising a tremendous amount of funds for GKTW! I cannot say thank you enough to all those participating, all who have donated and to Robb and Elissa for their support. I know I haven't been participating in this thread as much as I had hoped, but I've been keeping an eye on all the great things you all have been doing and couldn't be more proud. I'm excited to announce that, as of this morning, Carowinds has changed their itinerary to include Intimidator! This is something many of us have been pursuing
  9. I had heard that after yesterday's outrageous wait times, the ride was going to open early today. Some friends and I arrived at eight (advertised open is nine), walked straight to the new area and got on right away. If you're interested in checking it out, go early! The queue was full by about 8:50. The theming in the area and queue is really spectacular. The employees were top notch, very friendly and helpful. The ride vehicles were impressive. I felt the actual ride itself, however, was pretty terrible. And I say this as a huge SeaWorld fan. My hopes weren't even that high, for what it's
  10. First, congratulations to Fun Spot and GCI on a fabulous new coaster! This thing has something for everyone to love and will surely attract families, teens, spring breakers and of, course, enthusiasts. I feel lucky to live nearby. HUGE kudos to Robb, Elissa, Jake and Jack for their professional and in-depth coverage at today's shoot. The TPR Crew is the most knowledgeable, efficient, thorough and personable group I've come across in my professional life in the industry and personal experience as an "extra" on past shoots. These guys worked really, really hard all day long and should be pro
  11. Had a lot of fun hanging out at the park for a couple of hours last night. Each time we go, I am more and more impressed with how nice the expansion is and how quickly everything is coming along. While many enthusiasts have been riding Iron Rattler, GateKeeper and Outlaw Run these last few weeks, nothing can compare to the soft-opening of a Junior Vekoma! Seriously it was a really fun little ride with an interesting layout and some surprising moments. The pricetag for one lap is pretty steep at $9 a pop. What else is there to do while standing around waiting for WL to test than to
  12. Totally woke up with after-event glow this morning...I had an awesome time with an even awesomer group of people! So impressed with Robb and Elissa's mad tour-guide skills, the generous and friendly teams at Sally, Adventure Landing and Bob's who came in on their Saturday, and the TPR members who continuously expressed their thanks and gratitude throughout the day. All-around amazing event with $3,520 raised for Give Kids The World! When can we do it again?
  13. Really looking forward to the Florida Amusement Industry Tour! What we have lined up is truly special and both Sally and Bob's are excited for the group to visit. A HUGE thanks to Robb and Elissa as well as all of the corporate supporters that made this event possible-- it's truly remarkable that 100% of the registration cost is coming back to GKTW. See you on the 6th!
  14. Look what came in today... 83 days until the event! How many times do you think you'll ride on the big day?
  15. Doing GREAT TPR! Definitely feel free to pull from what I've posted. All these families are media okay, so it's fine to share. If you're looking to make a flier or something of the like, check out our Tools Page. We just posted a new video that I would HIGHLY encourage you all to watch and share with your friends. Check it out on our YouTube page .
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