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  1. We should go back sometime this summer. The park is really nice and Im going to miss the log flume.
  2. Here is a video from Opening Day of MOA. "Sponge Bob RAW footage"
  3. School dont usually have trip till the start of June. You will be fine.
  4. It was a joke. Solved! Besides I don't believe anything after the stories of the Viper rollback, and Travis Foldger Alvey...
  5. I'm a Senior and I'm in the same exact class. We just finished the train but I just copied my friends files and turned them in I like the class but I usually play games online or watch movies during it.
  6. Ahh....this is the same exact track as the steel venom on V1.5 All you did was change the colors
  7. I don't even know what this is....but I could not stop laughing....
  8. I do not think that Smoking should be R rated. I teach youth swimming lessons and I am a smoker....does this mean that I am harmful to your kids? Hell, there have been times where I have been smoking outside a store and some kid recognizes me and then I talk to there parents. And I have yet to be talked to about my appearance or actions. It is one thing to make smoking around people who don't like smoke banned, it is another to completely shelter kids from having anything to do with it. Besides, EVERYTHING kills you....yes smoking is unhealthy, but occasionally smoking is not going to kill you in a few years
  9. Cause you touch yourself at night How many times has the answer "cause you touch yourself at night" been used.
  10. Its 3:24 here up in Wisconsin. We ate 365 mcnuggets at midnight!
  11. PRO: -its cheap -its fun -it wont get boring -there are plenty missions to do CON: -need a good graphics card So I would get it....if you have $40 you are better off buying this then say 2 DVDs or CDs where you will eventually get bored of them. But A game you can play for years and years on and still not get bored of it. So buy it!
  12. Old topic But I think it is funny how everyone made fun of people for saying it really looked like an aquatrax. Then when you guys really did see one, you saw the resemblance.
  13. This would be a good mine train. You can now get the mine train style in no limits 1.7.
  14. YES! But I honestly don't see the point of a 500ft coaster. I could see a drop tower ride or a sky coaster.....but not A coaster.
  15. DejaVu- SFGAm Shockwave- SFGAm Rolling Thunder- SFGAm Robin Chiller- SFGAdv
  16. I do not get scared anymore on rides after I rode everything at SFGAm in 2001. The two rides that got me nervous, but not scare was dejavu and cyclops. The first few times I go on it every year I usually got a little nervous. But thats mainly because I was affraid of getting stuck on the towers for a few mins. But otherwise I dont get scared on anything. And like mentioned before, Cyclops in the last car is still one of the most "weird/scary" parts on any coaster I have been on. see the picture below OMG
  17. I would have to say that SFMM is not the best park in the chain. Just because it has a lot of rides doesn't mean anything. I would really say SFGAm pretty good and for sure SFGAdv is probably number one IMO.
  18. From the looks, Topgun has some straight aways and such compared to Batman. Batman pulls 4 G's in most of the turns and elements and does not let up one bit. Although, I have not been on Top Gun I have been on Batman and other inverts...and by far Batman was the most forceful IMO. It also might have to do with where you guys where sitting. If you sit towards the front or the back, you fell sronger forces then you would by sitting in the middle.
  19. Wow! I weight the same as you but Im 6' 4" I also need to loose about 35 pounds AND quit smoking. So lets see who can do it the fastest
  20. ^You have to look on the next pages where they are under family attractions.
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