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  1. Hello everyone. I am having problems with the the car textures on no limits. A while ago i downloaded a looping coaster called futurex and ever since then every other looping coaster i downloaded like space mountain 2005 have had the futurex car texture. I was just wondering if ther was a way to get rid of the futurex car texture from my computer? If anyone can help i will gladly take your advice. Thank You Everyone, Disneyboy13
  2. virtual magic kingdom is a online massive multiplayer game that is free on vmk.com tha point is to explore the magic kingdom and get credits to buty stuff mainly to buy stuff for your room it really fun so try iy ok
  3. I was just wondering if anyone here plays xbox360. if u do u can give me your gamertag bc i play halo 3 and guitar hero 3 almost everyday so if u wanna play just contact me. my gamertag is oblivionruler13
  4. hello ppl, i was just wondering if anyone one here on TPR plays VMK a.k.a. virtual magic kingdom. If u do tell me your name on vmk. my name is hundy
  5. Hello ppl i am in my first year of high school and am thinking of moving to anaheim and taking a disney internship. i was wondering if anybody has experience in this area or tips for me bc i would greatly appreciate it thx
  6. i just recently downloaded one of the space mountain mission 2 recreation trck packages and the file came with the music. I dont know if u can put the music in no limits or not. i have heard of ppl doing it a lot but those are just rumors and i dont know if they are true. So the question is Can you put music in no limits to play on the rides?
  7. The Discovery Channel wouldn't report such stupid "predictions". yeah they did a report on how different ancient astrologers said the human race is going to die out on 12/12/12
  8. Do any of you believe that the worlds going to end on December 12, 2012 or 12/12/12 like they say on the discovery channel and various websites? I just wanted to see your guys takes on this subject, so please respond!
  9. i liked it but if put on emergency stop then it gets stuck on the brake run before that big near the middle
  10. I get a little nervous on launches and drop towers but other than that nothing gets to me. Oh and whats a miscatch like on deja vu?
  11. Id like if everyone that votes writes a reason why they chose there answer. i dont care how long the response is. Im just interested in why u chose ur answe. thank you, bye.
  12. Thanks a lot for the facts . ill be sure to check out some youtube vids.
  13. As you all know christmas is over and i am stuck with a 40$ gift card to best buy. I am really thinking about getting Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum but im not sure. I have no limits but i dont like the no park limit. I was wondering if you guys could just give me the pro's and con's of RCT 3 Platinum I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, bye.
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