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  1. HAA looks proper amasing! I would love to go but its too far away & no money. How come roller coasters in japan are like WAY more exciting than the ones in united kingdom &/or US? xoxoxoxo -
  2. HAAA (: having never met the guy i think he sounds different to what he really looks like. Roller coasters dont suck but dark rides are wayy better (; xo
  3. WOW looks really spooky and scary. i would love to go to it. ive been to one like that in maddame tussands in london but it was only like 3 minutes. xoxox THIS IS A QUESTION TO ANYONE WHOS BEEN THERE: 1) are the houses that there in like real houses or like things they can take down? 2) if someone gets real freaked out can they take them out or do they have to walk the whole way? xoxox
  4. Heyy (: what a great update! - i wish we had that much in wee old bristol. xox
  5. Ow wow looks like your having an amasing time (: i wanna go soooo bad. xox
  6. WOW this coaster looks amasing! im glad its not gunna be huge one like superman but like Air in alton towers. The way flying coaster SHOULD be (: cant wait for this coaster to be realeased.
  7. it looks awsome! Im a little annoyed it that type of coaster. whatever happened to regular non-feel your gunna die coaster. ill be making in a trip in 2009 if i have the cash! xx
  8. good photo report (: can anyone just add photos from there trips to theme parks then upload them to this site? :o Like you dont have be Rob? answer pleasee!!!!!! x
  9. Nice photos i wonder if they had much breakdowns? x
  10. What a cute video, wish i was there! Why did Ellisa (what a nice name!) say "hi chris, DIE" ??? Mannn, i wouldnt go near that ride that tries to be "X", looks soo scary! Best Wishes xx
  11. Nice Post (: i love disney land! Do they have indianna jones in Florida or Japan? x
  12. That video was soo anoying. Me not likey youuu (: jokess, nice park photos btw. xx
  13. That was sooo cute (: you can tell shes gunna be a fan of rides. xx
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