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  1. I know your new but why dont you get a photo for your Avatar. Just click on the profile button under YOUR post and then click on Avatar. From there you can look the in gallery and find a photo that fits you.
  2. When I am on this site either looking at the photo gallery or on the Forum, I am always eating something when on the computer. Usually I eat hard boiled eggs or eat Sour Patch Kids. Right now I am eating a can of chocolate frosting So everone tell me what foods do you eat when on the site? BTW: my mom is yelling at me right now because I at the frosting that was supposed to be for a cake. (I am not fat)
  3. I love the feeling of the Togo's stand up restraint like PKA's stand up. You have a feeling of freedom when you go through the highly banked helix and through the trek track.[/img]
  4. Hey what is up with people hating Vekoma's, I love both Togo and Vekoma coasters and yah they might be shakey but that is what makes them fun!
  5. I have three stories One time I was at the Wisconsin State Fair and we were on Booster (carnival version of the Skyscraper or Turbo Force) and we were on the top of the ride which is almost 200 feet tall and we were up there for about 10 minutes. There was strong wind and the ride was swaying back and forth (if youve been on this you know whats it like because people have to get on both ends of the arm). Then a worker had to climb the arm to us and he said to not rock or shake the seat and not to move. Then 40 minutes later our end of the arm lowerd to the ground and we were giving VIP
  6. I play all songs (on this list) on Heavy. Wild Rush (DDR Extreme Home) 321 Stars (DDR Extreme Home) Don't Clock Me (DDR Extreme Home) Bad Routine (DDR Extreme Home) Litttle Bitch (DDR Extreme Arcade) B4U (DDR Exreme Both) Absolute (DDR Extreme Both) I'm For Real (DDR Extreme Home) Drop Out (DDR Extreme Both) Drop The Bomb (DDR Extreme Both) I spend about $20.00 a week at arcades playing DDR when I have the PS2 version at home.
  7. Hey were going to head out to Wisconsin Dells at all because there are two new coasters there. Avalanche an amazing wooden coaster that is made by S&S and of course Hades with its 90 degree turn underground! The Dells is really improving this year. There is also a Disk-O ride (Zamperla) and it looks really cool. BTW: Riverview parks Galaxy ride now looks like junk, but Cyclops (at now called Mt. Olympus) still has its amzing airtime.
  8. When I went on a school trip to SFGAm me and my friends decided to go on Splash Water Falls, all of us had about $50.00 on us so we payed a fat guy (from school) to go on the ride with us (he hates rides and didnt want to do it because he hated us). So we go on the ride with him and the ride has one lap bar for four people(in one row), he was fat and the Op closed the lap bar and we had so much room and the op even asked us if we would be alright and we said fine. We start going up the hill and we were getting nervous, we go down the drop and we all stand up (because of the room in the sea
  9. I have been looking around in your photo galleries and I have been stumped on a question...... Who is Bethany and Dallas? Are they your friends kids or your cousins because they are in alot of your park photos, I mean I dont get it. Thanks-
  10. I love coasters but I also love flat rides. Every year I travel to about eleven fairs that I go to every year. The Wisconsin State Fair in Millwaukee is great for flat rides, they have Top Scan, a Afterbunner or Freak Out, Gravatron, Mega Drop Ride (150 feet tall), a Pinfari roller coaster, Fire Ball, Hi-Roller, Power Surge (Zamperla), Inverter, and finally a Booster (a carnival version of the Sky Scraper) and much more! I love this fair. They also have a adventure park with go carts and a Sling Shot.
  11. I guess now that I look it was scrapped last year but.
  12. Hey could you change mine to "I love Vekomas" And if this is taken I will have "I love Iron Wolf" Either one is fine Thanks-
  13. Actually Shockwave was demolished three years ago because it was replaced by Super Man Untimate Flight whick will be three years old. And the Shockwave track and supports were on a hillside because you could see them from Super Man, the parking lot, the Skyride and the Log ride. I dont know if the track is still there or if it is removed I havent been there since Last year besides taking pictures from the road.
  14. Actually this wasnt recently this was a while back. Now, I dont beleive this because there isnt alot of room for a major coaster but........I did notice Shockwaves track lying on a hill side so maybe that has something to do with it because why would they keep the track when the ride has been demolished about three years ago.
  15. Hey I was on the www.coasterforce.com Forum and there was a topic about a new fourth dimentional coaster at SFGam so I had to see if anyone on here knows about it. If this is true that would be nice because SFGAm needs a new modern coaster besides a water park or a Wild Mouse
  16. I thought that Iron Wolf was the worst coaster when I first rode because I broke my leg on it (well my leg was weak from a previous break but, my cast was of) and we didnt sew or anything. But then last year I rode in the third row and it was actually very fun! I loved it (I rode it like a floorless coaster though but it was still fun). My worst coaster vote would go for Flash Back at SFMM although it could have been just a bad seat or something, I have never rode it since.
  17. I have just recently been in the Dells going to the Kalahari Resort (which is awsome). On Saturday we were driving by and I saw Cyclops running with people on it! So we drove by and there were people around the ride, so we asked someone and they said that they were running tests! We got to ride Cyclops for free because i think the Op's had no idea what was going on, when we were on it we noticed people on the station of Hades(couldnt see anything else) so we rode Cyclops which had no airtime but it was early. Then we drove away out of the dells then we saw a train accend the lift and there
  18. I rode my first coaster when I was three, it was the Blue Streak at Cedar Point. We were on a trip visiting my grand parents and we were on our way and we got in the park for $5.00's because it was 9:00 P.M and ever since then I have been hooked. Since then I have been traveling to Six Flags Great America and Big Chiefs and riding there great coasters. American Eagle was my first ride at SFGAmerica. Raging Bull rocks
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