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  1. Had a great trip to Dollywood. It cost us $33. to go from Ontario to Pigeon Forge. had lots of room for all our stuff and then some. This isnt my trip report so I'll only post a few pics, till I have time to do a full trip report. Was fun though. Dollywood at last heading into the mountains packing with lots of room
  2. This is my 2006 Smart "for two" I just got back from Dollywood with it. Cost me $33. for gas one way. Was a fun trip.
  3. Well In Canada they go from about $16000. and up. Smarts aren't sold in the states yet, but they will be in 2008. The ones you see down there are imported and they are given about 1 year to convert they from diesel to gas. But they are legal to own down there. As far as safety goes, beleive it or not its one of the safest cars out there. Theres so much info about this car online, but for all the ins and outs and really cool videos go to www.clubsmartcar.ca Oh ya, for luggage, we can fit 3 large hockey bags in the back. That is enough form me. LOL, I'll have lots of pics from our trip to Dollywood next week.
  4. Hey, with gas prices going up I finally went out and bought a new car. Its a 2006 Smart car, Pulse, 3 cyl, turbo diesel. Got air, soft touch standard/automatic trans. power windows, glass roof, am/fm/cd/mp3. Awsome to drive and gets 4ltrs/100km, or 60ml/gal. I'm taking it on its first long trip down to Dollywood next week.
  5. My home park is PCW, I'd like to see some type of fast pass or something to speed up the lines. I'd also like to see "Minebuster" really bust, Into peices, Put a hyper in, Also would be nice to see "Top Gun" go and put in a launch coaster like "Hulk" or something. If they had room it would be nice to see something like Dollywoods "Thunderhead". Another woodie would be a nice addition.
  6. Hey everyone, this might be old news, but its new to me, Our theme park and others are sold. Copy and paste this link, or click on it. http://www.cbc.ca/cp/business/060522/b052232.html
  7. I too went to see Bon Jovi, It was at the Air Canada center, sold out , I paid a lot, it was $138. but was good seats. He started out in the crowd too. The pictures are from my phone, they wouldnt let me in with a camara. I was playing with the zoon so some arent too good but here they are. Not in order of course.
  8. OK, GET YOUR INFO RIGHT. I "SPIKE" DID NOT MAKE THAT LAST QOUTE! IN FACT I DIDNT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT ANYONE GOING TO HELL. I am going to say that I would have thought you all would have been mature enough to take my claim of being Christian and not choosing to live the gay life style. If you have a problem with it, grow up and get over it! quit putting qoutes and statments on here that I never made.
  9. http://www.exodus-international.org/ I LOVE God now, and thats all that matters to me. Being gay or rich or whatever dosent matter to me. Loveing God and serving him matters to me. I dont understand why being gay is a sin, But that dosent matter to me. He says that it is and thats ok by me. For those of you who want to slam me for my choice I would highly suggest looking and reading and searching the web site I put in this post. One other thing. Why is it when someone says they are gay , everyone is all " its ok we like you just the same" or what ever. But if someone speaks about God and how he is working in there life, everyone wasnt to slam you and be so negative. Now which is the harder life to live? I'm happy, In fact I'm the happiest I've ever been. I know there are a few people here that know what I'm talking about. As for the rest of you . I'm sorry you dont know.
  10. Hi there, Its been a long time since I have posted. But Back in the first few pages of this thread I posted That I'm gay. WELL, I have news ! I rededicated my life to Christ and beleive it or not I'm free from that old life style. Not saying that I'm out looking for a girlfriend right away, But I dont have any sexual feeling towards men any more. My main focus is Getting to know God and serving him. When he feels its time for me to meet a girl I will. I'll leave that up to him. So I'm Free and now straight.
  11. I would totally wear a TPR hoodie. The logo with a siloette of a coaster behind it. That would be awsome !
  12. Awsome Video, I love the music too. Looks like a lot of fun, I've never been, but will be there one day. Good Job !
  13. Thunderhead at Dollywood Its not HUGE but what a rush on the drop and Its like everyturn is a fan turn. Cant go wrong with Thunderhead.
  14. We have gas but its $5.30 a gallon, We are now spending about $600. a month for the 2 of us JUST to go back and forth to work . TP trips will be very limited now if this keeps up.
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