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  1. While I would perfer a bigger coaster, I wont complain about the new coaster, I just hope the theming is as good as they say it will be.
  2. I also agree that they got what they deserved!!!! If this was a problem im sure we would have heard of similiar complaints from the one operating in FLA.
  3. I for one enjoy the updates and hope they keep coming and that the whiners complain amongst themselves. Sad to hear about the bad weather at CP and the rain you had in the Dells and some at SFGAM. I did see the group at SFGAM and it was nice of Elissa to say hi before the park opened when she saw me standing in line with my TPR shirt. I rode RB once but by then the group had moved on and I nver got to meet Rob or Elissa more, maybe better luck next time!!
  4. I saw him when he was at SF STL riding the boss for 100 straight days during park hours several years ago. I know i would have a hard time riding that coaster for one whole day, yet alone 200!!
  5. The next park I will visit will be in a week when I go to Silver Dollar City for the first time.
  6. Im going to Silver Dollar City/Celebration City and also Worlds Of Fun in a little less than 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone was aware of any local admission prices deals at either park via Subway/Wendys etc. Or if it would just be better to order tickets via the internet, thanks in advance for any help offered. PS-How is Worlds of Fun as I have never been to the park and havent heard alot about it.
  7. Thanks for the info, I wasnt sure how TOT operated or who installed the ride mechanism.
  8. Does anyone know if they have closed any of the TOT rides in disney parks??? Are the mechanics similar for TOT or are they that different so they wouldn't close down these rides like other parks have closed there drop rides.?
  9. Excellent report!!!!! I'm going to SDC and Celebration City the end of July so seeing your report just makes it seem that we will have a great time, I loved Dollywood last year so I cant wait for this visit!!
  10. Thanks for the info, I must have been blind as I passed over the report by accident. I really enjoyed Dollywood last year so i'm guessing they are similar to each other??
  11. How much time is needed to see both of these parks??? I'm going to these parks in early August/Late July was wondering how much time to spend and what to do at these parks other than PowderKeg/Wildfire, so any info on either park would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the info, we plan on going this Tuesday, so hopefully being a non-weekend it wont be too busy and hopefully kids should by now be out of school.
  13. Ive have been to there web site, but i perfer hearing from people that have been to a park and there personal expereinces that pr from the park.
  14. Im going to ValleyFair for the first time next week and dont know much about the park and have ssen few reports. Does anyone have any tips/info on how to get the most out of my visit. What strategies to use to ride all the ocasters, how busy is the park, what good places are there to eat inside the park, and deals offered for cheaper admission?? Any info on this park or advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!!
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