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  1. V for Vendetta :: 8/10 I was surprized, I actually liked it.
  2. http://www.starz.com/features/bunnyclub/march_of_the_penguins/index.html
  3. I'm sorry to hear that, man.
  4. 1. What is your best friend's Mum's name? Amy 2. What body part do you hate? Anus 3. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had? my 4th grade one 4. Have you ever made out in a movie theatre? yes 5. What body part do you wash first? face 6. Do you have any piercings? no 7. Have you ever had withdrawal symptoms from fast food? ew, no 8. Is your driveway steep? not really 9. What's your favourite flavoured Pringles? i don't like pringles 10. Have you ever been tied up? Yup 11. What was the worst thing you ever got grounded for? my pare
  5. Pirates Of The Carribean 3 :: 8/10. It's sort of drifting away from the main idea from the first movie, but it was still really good.
  6. ITS ABOUT F*CKING TIME!!!! I love the single rider option on Deja Vu, and now that its on Riddler's and Ninja, this makes me happy..very happy. Its so awesome that the park has done such a 180 and transformed from a craphole with awesome rides to an actual theme park. I can't wait 'till I get my season pass and finally get to go there again for the first time since january. *Does happy dance.*
  7. Man, I think I like Revenge Of The Mummy (Hollywood)'s line more than I like the ride itself.
  8. ^That means you have an underlying fear of vulnerability. Anyhoo, I recently had a dream that i was standing in a big crowd, and I was looking for someone, but I couldn't find them, and I started to panic, and nobody would acknowledge me. It was strange.
  9. Shirt :: Abercrombie & Fitch blue "phys. ed." T-Shirt. Sweatshirt :: Juicy Couture (For Men) Grey hoodie. Jeans :: True Religion. Shoes :: Adidas Campuses.
  10. Varsity Blues :: 9/10 Another really good movie.
  11. Shorts :: White Lacoste cargo shorts. Shirt :: Brown Banana Republic long sleeved shirt. Sweatshirt :: Red Hollister fleece sweatshirt. Shoes :: White DVS special edition.
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