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  1. Looks terrifying. Anyone else think that the 'splitting lift' will end up being this years 'ferris wheel lift hill'?
  2. Wow! Neat PTR. Boy, if I would have known that the city museum was that cool, I would never have missed it.
  3. Man, this is one thing I REALLY can't wait for. I wouldn't mind having a couple new wooden updates (better sound, Intamin trains, G trains) along with terrain updates and new steel coasters. That would be a nice change.
  4. Should've been called Headrush - The Ride. That was actually really cool. Thanks for making my day a little less boring.
  5. Yeah, that's pretty crazy. I hope us Americans/Wisconsinites get the right idea and install a bunch of these.
  6. That hand drawn coaster pic was amazing! I wonder... :opens up No Limits: Seriously, fantastic job dude!
  7. I don't know about that. The last couple times I went on Viper, I ended up getting my butt kicked. I mean, sure it has excellent airtime (Actually, one of my favorite rides ever was on Viper one minute after it had stopped raining. Pure insanity!) But I think age is starting to catch up to some of these rides.
  8. I remember a certain ride on Boss a couple years ago. The first day we (my family) were at St. Louis, I rode Boss 4 times early morning and absolutely LOVED it. However, it broke down around 11:00. Later, around 7:00, we saw that it was open again. We got in line and rode one more time. *O*M*G* I thought I was severely bleeding from the brain. The weird thing was, we rode it the next day 4 more times, and none of them hurt. Iron Wolf is "temperamental". Some days it rocks, some days I get off thinking "Do I still have an ear?". I still love it though.
  9. You mean those fake trims on the first drop? Yeah, I guess that they were a little unnecessary.
  10. Dude, you are a master of RCT3. Every park you build looks outstanding.
  11. Back in 1938, Mequon Park (outside Milwaukee) constructed their 3rd wooden coaster. Named the Fireball, this ride was FAR beyond anything that had been built at that time. It had steep drops, highly banked turns, and high speeds. At a little over 100 feet tall, Fireball was billed as the "biggest, baddest coaster in the world." Park goers often waited in lines that ranged from 1 and a half hours, to over 3 hours on July 4th, 1945. The real draw for the Fireball was the psycho airtime. Over 10 moments of it. So why did the Fireball close in 1955? Well, during the winter of '54, heavy snow caused the famed s - curve to collapse. The Fireball then sat SBNO until 1958, when the Great Mequon Fire decimated the park. Fireball.nltrack Enjoy Fireball.wmv POV for those w/o No Limits The very interesting brakes There goes a train... The fun little prelift section Hibank First drop More turns One of several tight curves Small hill, big airtime The famed s - curve
  12. Ooops. Tsunami ended up being a late addition to RCDB. Ride's all done! If you look closely, it looks like it hasn't got much care since being dismantled Loads of g's I always thought that this drop looked funky Back in business
  13. Huh. I guess I've never really noticed that Mt. Olympus had bad employees. :thinks: Oh yeah. I've seen some pretty unhappy operators there. Like on Hades sometimes they don't open the gates for 5 minutes. And who said Hades has lost steam? It's still an insanely awesome ride.
  14. Seems like Zonga aka Thriller has been saved from scrap. A park in Mexico, Isla San Marcos Temático Parque, has purchased it and plans to open it as the Tsunami for 2008. I'll try to keep an eye on it for you guys. EDIT: Found a pic on their website.
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