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  1. I know it comes up all the time and I am sure I have already brought it up myself, but I really wonder why parks of that quality don't seem to exist here in the states. Do the Japanese just give bigger budgets to theme parks or what? Or if you want to put aside ride and theme talk, why don't American theme parks put in those small things in the park to give a hand to it's guests? I don't think I have ever really seen any of that extra restroom stuff in an American theme park. Granted, I haven't been to a huge amount of theme parks so I could be totally wrong about this, but it just seems that there is more of a focus on making the guests feel comfortable at Japanese parks.
  2. Wow, that must be awesome popcorn, or rather it had better be to make up for the mix-up!
  3. Aargg I want to go so badly! I might have to save up to go on your next Japan tour. I wonder why we can't make parks that beautiful? BTW: How many flavors of popcorn do they have there and which ones are the best? I'm curious because I think you said in one of your past TR's that the strawberry popcorn was better than sex.
  4. Looking forward to the Tokyo Disney photos as always. And maybe it's just me, but the Jeff Johnson in the back is really creepy looking.
  5. Please don't bitch about updates, Robb and Elissa have to so much to do on these trips, try being thankful that there are already NINE updates from Scandinavia alongside many other sets of pictures from other members. Dave And i'll follow that comment with this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PiQ3tsT104 I just had to say how awesome that poem was. That thing really brightened up my day. Maybe we should start a TPR poetry corner! Eh? Eeh?
  6. It is definitely a dream of mine to go to Tokyo Disney someday. First thing on my list is to get some popcorn. I heard it was better than sex
  7. Aw dang it you beat me too it! lol I do love this song though. Really creative.
  8. You sit around a table in the dark with headphones on and they play sounds that make you think things are happening all around you. Kind of like a haunted house but with the mind. They also had one at Joypolis which some of us did and they said it really freaked them out. Oh I see. That sounds pretty creepy. Why don't they have any of that kind of stuff here in America?
  9. so, what's with the thing where you guys were all sitting at that table with the headphones?
  10. I wonder how long it took to come up with a song about liking fish? Does this remind anyone of some kind of weird Japanese kids show? Furry hats, a guy in an orange jumpsuit that carries around toys in a transformable boom box, singing about fish? That screams Japanese doesn't it?
  11. Here you go: If you want a new one: http://www.delorean.com/newbuild.asp If you want a used one: http://www.delorean.com/preowned.asp --Robb Wow, these things aren't quite as expensive as I thought they were gonna be. Time to start saving! Thanks for the info Robb!
  12. It's nice to know that there are places where nerds can go to get some of those awesome cars. Did you happen to catch any prices of any of the DeLoreans they where selling?
  13. Wow those look interesting. But now I'm trying to imagine a launched wooden coaster. I imagine it would be kinda painful seeing as wooden coasters are rough by nature. Hmm, guess we won't know until someone has the grapefruits to build one. I wonder if we will see parks upgrading their old trains for these new ones? And if so, will they make the ride any smoother? Edit: Ok, scolding myself now for not reading all of the posts and seeing the answer so my wondering if the trains would make things better on existing coasters. Going to my corner now.
  14. Go Robb! From the looks of things, you are well on your way to your goal! and I wouldn't worry too much about your BMI. It's not a bad thing to keep your eye on, but it's not entirely accurate in that it doesn't account for muscle percentage and body types. Keep it up, you're making me want to get back on my exercise plan! ganbatte kudasai!! (oh crap my nerd-itus is kicking in! )
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