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  1. Here's a part Chance Toboggan, part SLC headbanger coaster.
  2. I made this helix and corkscrew jet inspired coaster that uses Busters helix element. Thanks to Vid W for letting me use his corks element with permission. I made a spine for the corks and tunnel tested the critical spots. Faded Glory.nltrack
  3. I am playing Need For Speed Nitro on the Wii. This is about the car/truck ramming I do in the game. I love to ram the in game gray delivery trucks in the side at over 100 MPH!!! Have you rammed the in game trucks in Need For Speed? The poor trucks cannot get going again because I hit it so hard. I was going the wrong way on the track when I hit cars and trucks. It is so satisfying to slam into those trucks and try to destroy them. I and another car slammed into a truck and it flew and flipped over our heads in the game. I want to hit a in game truck at 200 MPH and destroy it!! Today I hit trucks while driving the wrong way, and made them rock and skid and go out of control. The cars I hit, blared their horns and tried to regain control and recover from me hitting them. I rammed the poor trucks in the rear and they skidded all over the place. I hit cars also this way and hit a final delivery truck just as the clock ran out. I am a nasty driving hazard to the trucks and cars. Go to Top of Page Page: of 2 Topic
  4. My favorite lyrics is my smoking songs. Yay Rolly smoker smoker smoker Yay Rolly smoker smoker smoker Smoking all the way. Happy woodsmoke to you Happy woodsmoke to you Happy woodsmoke to you Smoke it up smoke it up smoke it up. I love smoking wood!!
  5. I got a Blue Man Group over the head mask, a bunch of knex pieces, three Virginia logo golf balls, A Wii system, candy, a Constitution book, Need For Speed Nitro for Wii, a huge science book a Wii Fit board thing for my family, a ton of golf balls from Carle, a bunch of golf balls from Granddad, a bunch of golf balls from Alex and another Wii controller.
  6. I collect all types and varieties of golf balls, vintage and modern ones. I also collect logo golf balls.
  7. I have a Golden Ram Pro Tour ball and was wondering what is the value if this old ball? It is the only Golden Ram ball I have. It seems it is from 1994 and was taken off the USGA list of conforming golf balls. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1125884/index.htm
  8. I have a 1938/1951 green WESTMINSTER MD coca cola bottles to kick off the start of my antique bottle collection.
  9. Build my golf ball collection up to 200 ball brands and varieties.
  10. I added 8 brands and 14 more varieties of golf balls to my collection and rounded it out to 100 golf balls.
  11. Who on here is SICK of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon? I am ABSOLUTELY SICK OF THIS SONG!!
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