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  1. ^No, actually the only wood magic used on this is for the supports directly under the track and the catwalk/handrails. I've done all wide supports and lateral supports myself. And yeah I know it should be a slant however that's quite a bit of work. Keep in mind I'm still working on this and have a FAR way to go. But yeah, anything other than the supports directly under the track are done by me myself and I. But thank you for both of your comments. I'm just trying to finish all this up soon. It's getting on my nerves and supporting's a pain in the arse haha
  2. Well, after 6 months since my last post, I still have not done much on this but do have another update. Things are going pretty slow and I am working on 2 other projects off and on. Supporting is taking a lot out of me but it is still progressing. Slowly. Enjoy. Start of headchoppers under airtime hills Crossover End of turnaround Going into MCBR Turn into MCBR again Laterals Headchoppers again. Refined. Start of transfer track Chain building thing Opinions/comments?
  3. I'll upload a POV in a bit, or whenever I get around to it, but it's nowhere near finished. And I'm not quite getting this I beam support thing. Can you explain it so retards such as myself can understand it? haha
  4. Alright, so it's been a very long while since I've worked on this at all due to work, school assignments, and other family problems. Today I took some time to work on it and here's a small update with a bit of scenery. Just keep in mind that there is still A LOT of work left to be done and I'm not nearly finished. If you have any ideas that would make this unique, let me know Overview Alright, now I have a question. Once I put wide supports around this turn, would the section be able to stand safely?
  5. I finally got the chance to ride I305 yesterday and it completely kicks ass. I wish I could've gotten on before the trims, but even after, the ride was still super fast and I love the feeling of the transitions. Especially the first and second. The last one (not the turn into the finals) seemed to throw my weight to the left before it even changed banking. And the turn into the finals was a decent bit rough. Overall, I love this ride.
  6. For some reason, this just looks so beautiful. The environment is just right with the color and scenery of the ride imo.
  7. There's no definite on a drop tower yet And yeah, Griffon is usually colder because it has no scenery around it.
  8. Apollo COULD run in the 30 degree range, but it would increase the chances of stress fractures because it would make the track more brittle. The fluids and stuff that keep the ride running could freeze as well. Also, I've ridden it in 45 degree weather and it is not fun at all... I can only imagine 30 with a wind chill. Somewhat off the subject, we almost had to call the ride down two nights ago because the wind gusts hit 34 mph. We shut down at 35....
  9. yeah. It's not working out anyways. And 2 cause it's a high lift so it needs more support imo
  10. Umm... No there's not a trick track but I could mess with some areas and see what I can do. I can make 2 versions maybe.
  11. I'm not definite on a release date but sometime next winter. I still have a lot to do.
  12. If you're really that set to make a dive machine, just use a 3row floorless design.
  13. Update: Due to school and work, I haven't really had much time to work on this project. I've gotten to the crest of the lift hill with wide supports, and I've been working on the first turnaround's lateral supports. Here's a few pics of the turnaround.
  14. The biggest thing you need to work on is your shaping. It looks quite bad in some areas and slightly off in others.
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