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  1. Well this year i made this challenge that after school i will walk over 3km because i dont live far from the school and im going to use my ipod touch and sync it up with Nike+ and im going to see the result each day.
  2. iPod Touch 32GB 3rd Generation and i absolutely love it I just jailbreaking it now and it's awesome. The iPod Touch 32GB costed around 392,00$ CAD and it was a gift for my birthday this week:)
  3. The newest LG Bliss touch screen phone:D:) my first phone and i love it!!!:) for 79.99$ with a 3years contract at BELL!
  4. I might get the iPhone 3G or maybe the iPhone 3GS this weekend and it's gonna be my first phone i cant wait!! But which one is the better? and i will buy it at Rogers since im canadian:P
  5. On my iTunes i have over 15.36GB of songs which means over:2480 songs. Only metal in my itunes library and some classical music and film score soundtrack. On my not ''ipod'' (Samsung P3 8GB) i have over 1046 songs again only metal songs!\m/
  6. Im happy because i got to go to the bank for deposing my money (over 354,33$) and im going to buy some cd's in my favorite record store in Quebec city:D as im going tomorrow:) Also im going to a new school this year and im kind of excited and scared at the same time because it's going to be all in english and i suck at it when i speak!
  7. Hey guy's, does anyone of you have tried Kijiji or Craigslist ? I tried kijiji and i think it's the best one because you can sell your object in person and i sold my Zune 120GB for like 120$ and i got the money:) I think eBay is great but when you want to order a cd or other thing it takes sometime like a month like last may i order a limited edition cd of my favorite band and i haven't got it yet and it was from Finland. So do you guy's tried Kijiji or Craigslist PS: sorry if it's spam or advertissement
  8. Here is the first one. If you want a larger file format, please PM me with your email address! I hope you like it This is awesome:D thank you!!
  9. Hey guy's, this fall im going to New York City:D for the 2nd time and i have a couple of question to ask: 1st: Im going to stay in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Tribeca and i was wondering what to do in Tribeca. Apparently it's the center of downtown NYC? 2nd: Well im a Techno geek because i really love MP3 Players and also Keyboards/Piano etc... so i was wondering what is the best electronic store in NYC. I heard that J&R is the best store but is there another store that is like J&R (not best buy because i have those where i live) 3rd: I really love italian food and what is the best italian restaurant in NYC? 4th: Im going there in a car and im from Toronto (aurora) Canada and how long do you think it's gonna take? Im going to NYC because my Uncle (from Montreal) is going to run the Marathon there and i think it's the 31st of October (HALLOWEEN:D) Im so excited hehe:) because it's going to be also my birthday present (October 7th) Thanks for the help, oh and im going to post some pictures about the trip too.
  10. The new album artwork of my fav band of all time:D, its going to be out this fall\m/ and im going to see them in February 2010 woot!! my first metal concert and im buying the VIP Ticket package;)
  11. Wow i really like your design artwork:D do you mind if you could do two for me? First one: Name: - William Park Name: - Canada's Wonderland Coaster: - Behemoth Second one: Name: - SymphonyWorld Park Name: - Six Flags Great Adventure Coaster: - Bizarro Coaster You dont need to rush just take your time and just wondering what kind of software did you use for the logo (Photoshop, Paint.Net?) Thanks:)
  12. Well i play the keyboard/piano and my current equipement is: Yamaha PSR E403 (great synthesizer) Technic KN2000 (great workstation) Casio (dont remember the brand:P) But my future keyboard equipement will be: Roland Juno D (going to buy this summer) Roland Juno Stage Roland Fantom X61 Keys Korg X50 Korg Triton Korg Karma Korg N364 Korg OASYS
  13. Im gonna buy the Roland Juno D (keyboard/piano) for 727$ (CAD) this summer cant wait:D. also i might also buy the Samsung YP-P3 MP3 player next month or this summer also for 229$ (i think)!!
  14. I bought the Black Symphony by Within Temptation CD and DVD. There really awesome:). Also i bought some stuff on eBay of my favorite band:)
  15. You guy's have some pretty awesome collection:D. now time for some picture of my collection:) : Symphony Of Enchanted Lands 2 (album with Christopher Lee himself:) ) Dawn Of Victory (the speediest album ever with the fastest solo's) Power Of The Dragonflame (the heaviest album of the band with a 19:00 minute masterpiece)
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