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  1. Well this year i made this challenge that after school i will walk over 3km because i dont live far from the school and im going to use my ipod touch and sync it up with Nike+ and im going to see the result each day.
  2. iPod Touch 32GB 3rd Generation and i absolutely love it I just jailbreaking it now and it's awesome. The iPod Touch 32GB costed around 392,00$ CAD and it was a gift for my birthday this week:)
  3. The newest LG Bliss touch screen phone:D:) my first phone and i love it!!!:) for 79.99$ with a 3years contract at BELL!
  4. I might get the iPhone 3G or maybe the iPhone 3GS this weekend and it's gonna be my first phone i cant wait!! But which one is the better? and i will buy it at Rogers since im canadian:P
  5. On my iTunes i have over 15.36GB of songs which means over:2480 songs. Only metal in my itunes library and some classical music and film score soundtrack. On my not ''ipod'' (Samsung P3 8GB) i have over 1046 songs again only metal songs!\m/
  6. Im happy because i got to go to the bank for deposing my money (over 354,33$) and im going to buy some cd's in my favorite record store in Quebec city:D as im going tomorrow:) Also im going to a new school this year and im kind of excited and scared at the same time because it's going to be all in english and i suck at it when i speak!
  7. Hey guy's, does anyone of you have tried Kijiji or Craigslist ? I tried kijiji and i think it's the best one because you can sell your object in person and i sold my Zune 120GB for like 120$ and i got the money:) I think eBay is great but when you want to order a cd or other thing it takes sometime like a month like last may i order a limited edition cd of my favorite band and i haven't got it yet and it was from Finland. So do you guy's tried Kijiji or Craigslist PS: sorry if it's spam or advertissement
  8. Here is the first one. If you want a larger file format, please PM me with your email address! I hope you like it This is awesome:D thank you!!
  9. Hey guy's, this fall im going to New York City:D for the 2nd time and i have a couple of question to ask: 1st: Im going to stay in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Tribeca and i was wondering what to do in Tribeca. Apparently it's the center of downtown NYC? 2nd: Well im a Techno geek because i really love MP3 Players and also Keyboards/Piano etc... so i was wondering what is the best electronic store in NYC. I heard that J&R is the best store but is there another store that is like J&R (not best buy because i have those where i live) 3rd: I really love italian food and what
  10. The new album artwork of my fav band of all time:D, its going to be out this fall\m/ and im going to see them in February 2010 woot!! my first metal concert and im buying the VIP Ticket package;)
  11. Wow i really like your design artwork:D do you mind if you could do two for me? First one: Name: - William Park Name: - Canada's Wonderland Coaster: - Behemoth Second one: Name: - SymphonyWorld Park Name: - Six Flags Great Adventure Coaster: - Bizarro Coaster You dont need to rush just take your time and just wondering what kind of software did you use for the logo (Photoshop, Paint.Net?) Thanks:)
  12. Well i play the keyboard/piano and my current equipement is: Yamaha PSR E403 (great synthesizer) Technic KN2000 (great workstation) Casio (dont remember the brand:P) But my future keyboard equipement will be: Roland Juno D (going to buy this summer) Roland Juno Stage Roland Fantom X61 Keys Korg X50 Korg Triton Korg Karma Korg N364 Korg OASYS
  13. Im gonna buy the Roland Juno D (keyboard/piano) for 727$ (CAD) this summer cant wait:D. also i might also buy the Samsung YP-P3 MP3 player next month or this summer also for 229$ (i think)!!
  14. I bought the Black Symphony by Within Temptation CD and DVD. There really awesome:). Also i bought some stuff on eBay of my favorite band:)
  15. You guy's have some pretty awesome collection:D. now time for some picture of my collection:) : Symphony Of Enchanted Lands 2 (album with Christopher Lee himself:) ) Dawn Of Victory (the speediest album ever with the fastest solo's) Power Of The Dragonflame (the heaviest album of the band with a 19:00 minute masterpiece)
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