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  1. Damn chuck you seemed to have already nabbed the colour debate.... So .. urm... I don't approve that they are going to construct it with metal.... I would have suggested Toffee or Fudge. or perhaps Ex- X Factor Contenstants....
  2. Looks like they are exploiting the approvals they gained for Oblivion... as on the South Elevation view it seems to show the same distance above the tree line as Oblivion allowing them to avoid that being used as a Planning Restrictor? Look Forward to seeing it but more importantly where is the Scarefest Stuff going to move to
  3. Scary Costume. I saw Price Desmond once dress up after one of his other faviourite rides... Pirate.... and it seems to be scary... robb sure looks scared!
  4. I hope the cause of the valley is found to be attributed to a penny found jamming a wheel.... justice would be served....
  5. Well today i turned 21.... A Standard Cake would probably look like this however... because i have a slight liking for rollercoasters ... see what i got Thought Id Share it with you all
  6. I was holding off ordering these as the release date was 1st Apr. If these are genuine i shall get myself some!
  7. Hi All, I have seen Prince Desmond on the interwebs this week. However dont worry as someone is going to help him out
  8. Pleasure Beach Installing one makes Anth a very happy man!
  9. Possibly they contacted the people of blackpool's spontaneous fire department.... every year there is two suspicious fires in blackpool... only they would know the dynamics of getting a water ride to go aflame.
  10. TH13Teens over hype ... then Th13teens scarefest... we saw 4 actors walk past. and thats all we saw. lame. no spooks
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