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  1. I'm gonna try to be there this year so i can loose my 4th Demention and Rocket coaster virginity
  2. IM so asking my parents to let me go to the midwest trip cause it sounds awesome
  3. Do you like fishing. Talk about it Biggest fish Fishing stories Fishing Shows, news anything about fishing Don't forget to upload pictures
  4. What is the best airtime you ever had on what coaster and at what part This threads all about airtime Don't forget to upload pics My best airtime was on the first drop off millennium force at cedar point Awesome airtime
  5. no do you play gears of war 2 on xbox live
  6. yeah all the time did you ever go to camel beach
  7. No Do you like Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen
  8. playing speed racer the game on the wii
  9. no never heard of it do you like someone who dosent even notice you
  10. No Have you ever kissed someone in front of your parents. Like a real kiss
  11. no Have you ever ridden millennium force at night
  12. Ok my ride on millennium force for the first time was insane. I rode at night time and couldn't see what was coming at me until i was already going over it. The first drop was delivering on the negative g's bigtime. After that it was smooth sailing over the first over banked turn and trough the tunnel. On the first airtime hill the lift force was just right not to harsh but not to soft and it made me feel like i was floating. After the next two over banked turns were over and the second airtime hill we pretty much just flew over that last little bunny hop and got a nice little positive g on th
  13. Look I got my computer hard drive fixed yesterday and the dude deleted no limits Will someone please leave a download Or something please I need help ADMIN EDIT: Um. No. ~Matt
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