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  1. The ride is only boring if you sit in a boring seat. You need to sit in 8B for the best ride. And its like people saying that American Eagle is boring and has no airtime. American Eagle is a airtime machine and isnt rough if you know where to sit. But anyway, I loved the ride....my favorite in the park. And it will be sad not seeing it on the skyline anymore. Now all of our skyline coasters are orange shaded. Viper (orange/brown), Raging Bull (orange), V2 (yellow), Superman (red), and everything else is black or white. We have a really boring skyline now. The green and blue stood o
  2. I have had a total of 111 rides on DeJaVu over the past 6 years. And I think that ours is open the most and is the most reliable. The one at SFMM might not be down as much, but it is closed a lot more because of staffing. At least, the only times it was closed was when it rained during the summer. And if they do move it, the ride will never operate like it will again. Think of each individual valve, wire, bolt, ect that were modified to perfection over the years. Then there going to take it down and move it.....good luck to the buyer And the ride will not be out in a few week
  3. Dude you guys are mean. The only way someone can learn something is if they make the mistake themselves.
  4. cedar warts opens in three days?? swcrewe Yoiuy iunm tyjher asssa
  5. I have it pre ordered and I am skipping school....well more like writing a note and going to a friends house for a LAN. I cant wait anymore!
  6. I really think that it adds to the theming of Gotham City. Like it was once a good city and now its a "hell hole". So I think that is the one ride where a nasty que is ok.
  7. I had a dream that I was drunk and I was looking over a bridge that was over a freeway. I went to look over the edge and I couldn't pull my self back up. I just slowly went farther and farther down. But then I managed to get up and I felt a strong force on my body...image pulling a constant 6 G's. I just laid there and my vision was like looking in a fish eye lens. Then I decided to just go off the edge and not try to live. I slowing went over and floated down almost in slow motion. Then I hit the ground and my vision faded away. Then in a title looking thing it said "Doughnuts eaten"
  8. Wow! I did a google search and I found a forum full of people trying to break rules and sneaking cameras on rides. Its just sad because those are the people that ruin it for the rest of us coaster enthusiasts.
  9. I would only post "death" coasters if they require thought and creativity. Otherwise make a "death machine" thread to post all of them So put more effort in to it and it might be more worth while to download.
  10. OK, I got my turn done. It was hard for me to choose how to theme it and what type of ride it should be. But I had an idea for a airtime filled, high speed, layout for the ride. So I added a 90 degree turn, left to right, with a airtime hill. I call the element a "kicker". I hope I started the game off right turn 1 (benzo41190).nltrack
  11. I think it was as if they were telling a story, so it would all be in sequence.
  12. ouch! That looks like one painful ride with the train begin that empty! Bull train even half empty is bad enough. But it looks like you guys had fun. Too bad you only stayed until 3 or so...I really wish I would have gone but I didn't want to fork up $50 for a flash pass
  13. This is the least amount of people I have seen on TPR in a while.
  14. I also like cigars. Sometimes, I get some Phillies and just sit outside for an hour and just relax. Yes the urge is really bad also. If you can get them, then its like "why not" and you keep going.
  15. ^what event was it for...and when was it? I think waiting in the normal que would be long enough for me. But if it was your ONLY chance to ride it then you shouldn't be mad waiting for then 4+ hours for it.
  16. I didnt throw up my first time. But then again I used to just suck the smoke in my mouth. Then I went to filling my mouth and then inhaling some of it in. Then I fully inhaled and never felt sick. I only get sick when I smoke menthols all the way down to the line...eww. I wish I would have never started. And even if you say that you are only a occasional smoker...you will then get the urge to buy your own pack...then your hooked. So stop when you can...because I cant quit and my family and friends hate it.
  17. Here is a ride that I have been doing off and on for about a year. It was my first ride with supports and has problems that I cant really fix. It has 4 stalling dives 3 Over-banks 3 in line twists This is more of a fantasy ride but it could probably work. portapotty supportd.nltrack
  18. No, they got rid of the Pinfari coaster and many large flat rides. So I only need to go once. And for SFGAm tomorrow, I will be there around 2:00pm. Is there anyway I can get a hold of someone at the time. Because I know that the groups don't stay together and some people might want to go to the water park if it is hot. Which BTW, Its supposed to be 90 and 74% humidity Wed.
  19. I E-Mailed Mt Olympus and they said no in the response. But when I went to the park, I talked with all the Ops and they said yes. One just said, "don't drop it because I will not get it for you". And another said that if I hurt someone, I will be responsible. I also had my first "no" at the Wisconsin State Fair. I was only able to film on some of the smaller rides and the Drop Tower. It seems like you cant film anything at parks anymore.
  20. Will there be some sort of meet up time for SFGAm. Because I know there are plenty of people on here that would love to meet up that day....as well as myself.
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