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  1. Time-wise, Atlanta and Athens are about an hour away, but Atlanta is only mileage-wise about 25, whereas Athens is around 50
  2. I got an email from my favorite band composer, Samuel R. Hazo!
  3. I like that. Now I'll actually be more inclined to watch it. Why do I think some of you don't like him because he's conservative?
  4. -NBA: Don't care one bit -NHL: See NBA -MLB: Cardinals -NFL: Colts -College Football: Georgia Dawgs -College Basketball: See above
  5. A few days ago When was the last time you went bowling? (and, no, Wii bowling doesn't count, nor is it funny.)
  6. It took me until late April. I just got lucky.
  7. We know it's all about the double cheeseburger from the Dollar Menu, back on topic: I can't stand the Big Mac, just never had a taste for things that go on it. I like the Quarter-Pounder just fine.
  8. I can get them instantly. I love those.
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