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  1. My HS: SGHS Comets My College: Uga the English Bulldog/Harry Dawg
  2. ummm... it could also be to keep from overpopulatoin of the seals, which would also starve them. Otherwise, I'm not swayed to give protest against it.
  3. This is a much improved Colt Defense. For one, the final was 41-10 and 7 of New Orleans' 10 came on defense. The Colts from midway through last year would have given up a million rushing yards and bare minimum 20 points.
  4. I'm a non-smoker and honestly don't care if people smoke, just keep it away from me. Though I don't have any chronic lung disease, I do get some a bit of coughing from smokers around me. My area has banned smoking in public places and it sounds so foreign to me to go somewhere else and walk into a restaraunt and get asked "Smoking or non?"
  5. Mine started August 13th. I've been at school since the second week of July thanks to band camp, though. It's very early and very hot when school starts down here in GA, but it pays off when we get out in May.
  6. I enjoy Lay's Stax (especially BBQ), Goldfish, Munch 'Ems (even though I haven't had any in forever), Cheeto's, Doritoe's, and Pretzels. I wash them down with Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, or the ocassional lemonade if it's after a marching band practice.
  7. I renamed the topic since it's no longer a tie. I'm glad he broke it, so now Sports Center can move on to something that interests me!
  8. Yeah... it got pretty hot last night when I whipped out the itching powder on my girlfriend... That's just beyond gross. That's just morbid.
  9. Having a big ACEr convention which contained many of Peter's friends from his NAAFP (National Association for the Advancement of Fat People) being there. Nobody straps Meg into the ride because she's ugly and she gets thrown from it. Brian gets drunk and pukes all over the place. The end. Oh yeah. Didn't Peter and Stewie make a trip to Disneyworld in one episode?
  10. Because a piano has 88 keys! Why is my summer reading so long?
  11. Then you most definitely have not experienced a PBA tournament. Think you could bowl over 130 games per week for at least 4 months straight? Didn't think so.
  12. As of about 25 minutes ago, Barry Bonds has tied Hank Aaron for the MLB Career Home Runs Record at 755. Your opinions?
  13. MLB: St. Louis Cardinals NFL: Colts (even have a Colts bowling ball!) College Football: Georgia Bulldogs (probably my favorite team of these by a longshot) NBA: the Hawks but I could really care less if they are winning (haha, yeah right) or losing NHL: don't really follow it PBA Bowler: Norm Duke (how many bowlers will post in this?) and I always make it a point to root for my High School football team, even though they suck. South Gwinnett Comets all the way..... to another losing record! I know, I'll be accused of jumpin on the band wagon cause 2 of my teams are champs. Well maybe not the Cards this year since they've been suckin it up. I think their final against the Nationals tonight was a 12-1 loss? Bleh.
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