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  1. I've moved to Chicago, and I'll give you most of the jingle: Seven-seven-three, Two-oh-two... Beep-beep-beep-beep...
  2. I went back to NYC in January, and went to The Late Show with David Letterman. Dave's guests were Kathy Griffin and Simon Helberg from The Big Bang Theory. While waiting for my Dave-date to meet up with me, I saw and said hi to Pat Farmer, one of the Late Show stagehands, and asked if there'd be a new "Pat & Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts." Sadly, no, but was amazing to see the greatest face in Late Night - and also Kathy and my friend I hadn't seen for a couple years! 't s
  3. Craig Ferguson! I am crazy for Secretariat and the Puppets, and I feel like he is the most valuable host of all the late night shows! I really enjoy the other hosts, and their personalities define their shows, but Craig really dominates his show!
  4. I have a couple of friends that, when they hear something about Kings Island or Cedar Point, they contact me first. Even though I haven't spent hardly any time in the parks the past couple of years, I remain the go-to guy! Lol.
  5. I'm as big a fan of the game show announcers as I am the hosts. Not just 'Wheel' but also 'Joker's Wild,' 'Tic Tac Dough' and 'Pyramid' Charlie will be missed!
  6. No. Are you just going to wait til your local park opens to ride a coaster?
  7. I LOVE Jay Leno. I live for Headlines, as well as his other comedy sketched, great monologues, his friendly style, and his political/ideological neutrality on the show. But now in this tug of war, The Tonight Show hands down belongs to Conan O'Brien. Jay voluntarily gave up the show in 2004 (taking effect in 09) and while it was nice for Jay to get his prime time show, Jay should be talking to some other networks, maybe ABC or Fox? Conan's set and opening titles are beautiful and I'd hate to see all that go to waste. What Conan's doing now is only boosting his ratings, hopefully making
  8. Be careful with that kind of stuff. I dated a guy who was working on a one year contract in DC with Sprint/MCI back in 2001-2002. We met and dated pretty seriously while he was in DC. He wanted me to move back to Kansas City with him and things progressed to the point where I was ready to do that. I moved away from everything I had going on in DC, family, friends, left a job only to receive the biggest kick in the nut sack ever. When we arrived to Kansas City, I met his wife. We dated for nine months, I move halfway across the country for the guy, and when we get to hi
  9. Here's my situation, I went to NYC for the first time ever in October, and on my second and last full day there, I went to a gay sports bar after some sightseeing. After some beers, I find this cute guy who's pretty fine, and he is really digging me. We part ways after some time in the subway afterward but we exchange info to stay in touch. He wants me to come back in the future. For the next two months, we stay in touch but lightly, partly because of our distance and my constant school work. But soon after that we're hitting it up online with IM, video chat and over the phone. Things
  10. Team Leno! I need my Headlines!!! As much as I like Conan, I wasn't ready for Jay to leave late night, and waited patiently for Jay's new show to start. Jay and Conan both deserve late night shows, even if that means one of them going elsewhere like Fox of ABC. I honestly was watching Letterman more at 11:35 - and I have to say that Dave's followup show with Craig Ferguson out-does Jimmy Fallon at 12:35.
  11. I'm in the same boat, but trying to like the food less. Or eat less of the food i like. Same here! I don't need to be ultra thin or fit to be happy, but I could cut down on the flabbiness. I met a guy Saturday night and I can't wait to meet up again... too bad he's in NYC. I had a blast on my first trip there ever, but now I have great reason to go back as soon as I can.
  12. Rode this around the same time as these guys: Cincinnati Reds players Paul Janish and Jay Bruce
  13. The main problem is manpower at the coroner's office. Hamilton County is in a severe budget crisis. So, they've furloughed the coroner. http://www.wlwt.com/news/20343365/detail.html That's interesting - although the park is in Warren County, the office in the most populous county in the Cincinnati area is actually handling it. Does Warren not have a coroner?
  14. At the Reds vs. Giants game Tuesday night - large sized: Budweiser Select, then original Budweiser. Those beers on tap were closest to my seating area. Not bad.
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