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  1. You usally click directly on the node to pick it up right? Well mein I have to click above it...
  2. Howdy, Got to Over Texas for Fright Fest last Friday after hours of traffic cause some guy did a double homicide and about to make it tripple half a mile away from the highway we were taking! That was fudging fun! Anyway when I got there I was expecting massive crowds but it was actully light crowds! (my guess was the friday night lights) Anyway got there went in waited for the preshow and then they let us in. It was so sad to see Wildcatter gone. Okay now Im going to rate the rides In order of wich I rode - Mr Freeze- Great Ride! I hoped on in a less then 5 second line ( Going through the que) rode it five times without leaving my seat! Made me kinda nervous seaing a teddy bear wear the treads move the track! Also in the que I've seen many people get lost becasue the actuall line goes under a exit sign so some idiots go the wrong way and climb over fences and act all confuse! A simple "Its This Way" sign would do the job! -Batman the Ride - Batman the Clone... Its ok but considering all the theaming that Gadvs has this one isnt that great. and we have a stupid machine in there that makes a woop woop woop noise throughout the whole que! Once again I've seen many people get lost in this que to! But its not Sf fault, the people litterly climb over the fencing! -Judge Roy Scream!- Since the crowds were down I decided to take a ride on Judge. No line and I got a good Pov of it! I Had this supid white chocolate punk sit next to me . Just see the video and you'll now what I mean! If You've ridden Blue Streak its bassicly the same thing! -Superman Tower Of Power- Everythings Bigger in Texas! Its a fun ride. No theaming except little wood cutouts of Superman and his Stats! -Shockwave- I Love this ride! Too bad Marys Creek is going to wash it away someday! The paint needs to redone. The Old blue paint is showing up! -Texas Giant- Gota ride in the front! Its actully not that bumpy up there! It Could cuse a nice Intamin retracking! They tottaly stop you in the Mcbr so it took all the airtime out after that! Thats It! Rode a few flats Saw the New Show Akishas Nightmare (Dont trust me on the name) and it was farley good! Well My First Word Tr Hope you Enjoyed! - David
  3. Yea I Just Thought about the Beast or Gasm Intense stuff
  4. Yea Not Surprised the Towers Down... ah... The Park with three Intamins
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