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  1. ^^^I'm with you on the Volvo concept, VERY attractive. In other news, I get the pleasure of hearing the car pictured below drive past my apartment window a few times a week. I can't say I'm really complaining, but I'm definitely jealous. The car in question. I was debating blurring out the guys face, but he parks it outside anyway.
  2. Bell's Oarsman Ale - A sour mash ale that certainly is sour. I've heard the smell compared to "a burned flour tortilla" and I have to agree, but with a lot of citrus backing it up. Tastes of grains, citrus, sour, and funky deliciousness. It's a very unique beer, and probably isn't for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely buy again.
  3. Currently enjoying a Dirty Blonde from Atwater Brewery in Detroit. From the label, "Ale brewed with orange peel and corriander". It seems to be going down a little too easy.
  4. ^Like the I-94 that runs through Detroit? No, but here's where it's located: http://goo.gl/maps/Ms7dQ EDIT: Was going to add some of their other beers that I've enjoyed The CEO Stout The Naughty Girl Scout (Mint/Chocolate flavored, strangely delicious).
  5. Recently discovered Right Brain Brewery's Northern Hawkowl Amber Ale, and I must say it is extremely delicious. A very very good anytime beer; extremely refreshing with a taste of caramel. Highly recommended for anyone in Michigan, as Right Brain is a brewery located in Traverse City. Side note, the glass in the picture is from the Ayinger Brewery located in Aying, Germany. I recently went on a trip to Munich for a week in March and was fortunate enough to tour this brewery, which is home to some of the best beer I've ever had. If you can find it, try it.
  6. Bell's Oberon came out on Monday so naturally I had to get some. Yum.
  7. I'm holding out hope for 2014/15 on this. I want them to realize the way they're currently re-tracking it is only making the ride boring, so I really want them to consider RMC. Please, Cedar Point!
  8. ^Unfortunately yes. I think a bunch of the Professors here bought one and I don't like it, the Panamera is a hideous car.
  9. From Cedar Point's Twitter, so all this wild speculation can stop on Monday.
  10. ^I like the Michigan's Adventure idea if they put it outdoors.
  11. ^I've never been a huge fan of Hyundai's in the past, but that looks pretty sweet. Speaking of looking pretty sweet, these were on campus on Friday. I spent about an hour just walking around and staring in awe. The Ferrari Owners Club of Ohio came to Purdue and brought some toys.
  12. ^His apartment number. Congrats to everyone that got accepted! I wish I could do the program again.
  13. I always thought "The Crypt" was pretty bad. Anyway, did everyone stop caring about Dinosaurs Alive? I know I did
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