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  1. My HS: SGHS Comets My College: Uga the English Bulldog/Harry Dawg
  2. ummm... it could also be to keep from overpopulatoin of the seals, which would also starve them. Otherwise, I'm not swayed to give protest against it.
  3. This is a much improved Colt Defense. For one, the final was 41-10 and 7 of New Orleans' 10 came on defense. The Colts from midway through last year would have given up a million rushing yards and bare minimum 20 points.
  4. I'm a non-smoker and honestly don't care if people smoke, just keep it away from me. Though I don't have any chronic lung disease, I do get some a bit of coughing from smokers around me. My area has banned smoking in public places and it sounds so foreign to me to go somewhere else and walk into a restaraunt and get asked "Smoking or non?"
  5. Mine started August 13th. I've been at school since the second week of July thanks to band camp, though. It's very early and very hot when school starts down here in GA, but it pays off when we get out in May.
  6. I enjoy Lay's Stax (especially BBQ), Goldfish, Munch 'Ems (even though I haven't had any in forever), Cheeto's, Doritoe's, and Pretzels. I wash them down with Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, or the ocassional lemonade if it's after a marching band practice.
  7. I renamed the topic since it's no longer a tie. I'm glad he broke it, so now Sports Center can move on to something that interests me!
  8. Yeah... it got pretty hot last night when I whipped out the itching powder on my girlfriend... That's just beyond gross. That's just morbid.
  9. Having a big ACEr convention which contained many of Peter's friends from his NAAFP (National Association for the Advancement of Fat People) being there. Nobody straps Meg into the ride because she's ugly and she gets thrown from it. Brian gets drunk and pukes all over the place. The end. Oh yeah. Didn't Peter and Stewie make a trip to Disneyworld in one episode?
  10. Because a piano has 88 keys! Why is my summer reading so long?
  11. Then you most definitely have not experienced a PBA tournament. Think you could bowl over 130 games per week for at least 4 months straight? Didn't think so.
  12. As of about 25 minutes ago, Barry Bonds has tied Hank Aaron for the MLB Career Home Runs Record at 755. Your opinions?
  13. MLB: St. Louis Cardinals NFL: Colts (even have a Colts bowling ball!) College Football: Georgia Bulldogs (probably my favorite team of these by a longshot) NBA: the Hawks but I could really care less if they are winning (haha, yeah right) or losing NHL: don't really follow it PBA Bowler: Norm Duke (how many bowlers will post in this?) and I always make it a point to root for my High School football team, even though they suck. South Gwinnett Comets all the way..... to another losing record! I know, I'll be accused of jumpin on the band wagon cause 2 of my teams are champs. Well maybe not the Cards this year since they've been suckin it up. I think their final against the Nationals tonight was a 12-1 loss? Bleh.
  14. I thought this book was amazing. I agree that the ending was a little cheesy, as was the epilogue, but she's already put Harry through enough suffering, right? I still think Rowling did a good job with tying it all together and pretty much explaining every missing gap there was from the start. spoiler-ish part Who woulda thought the Malfoys actually came into a good side of the story? After all the trouble they had caused and they helped save Harry. At first I felt a bit side-tracked when they dragged on into the Dumbledore/Grindelwald life, but again, it tied into the Deathly Hollows in the end. I was also a little startled at the start of the book, as soon as deaths and injuries started happening. First it was Hedwig and Mad-Eye. George even had his ear knocked off, which was a little weird but still not killing-worthy. And in the end, I don't know exactly how many die, but I know that Lupen, Mad-Eye, Fred, Tonks, Snape, Dobby, and Hedwig die. On the lighter side, I laughed at the story of Petunia begging Dumbledore to let her into Hogwarts.
  15. I love Drew Carey. I think he's absolutely hilarious. I'm glad the Price is Right got a good host. I also think they are trying to steer away from that "old guy who uses the an old microphone" sort of host. If they tried to get a classic host, who got kisses from all the ladies and was just that cool old guy, the popularity would drop. Let's face, Bob left some pretty big shoes to fill, so instead of trying to fill them, they've gotten a newer, different pair.
  16. Whenever When a Stranger Calls came out. Jan. 2006 I think? When was the last time you spilled a drink in public?
  17. Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Bonus if you want to count it: Washington DC
  18. That was one of the "easy" questions on the test. They are not dumbing down their standards, they are just trying to help you not score a zero on the test. I'm sure the questions got a lot harder as the test progressed. I'm not sure about 10 years ago, but I know for the past 5 years or so, the SAT has ALWAYS done done their questioning by placing the easy questions to the front, medium in the middle, and hard questions in the back. The easy questions are there to help you with your overall score, its not because of lower standards. ummm.... maybe not where you live, but in Gwinnett, the state's standardized tests have been dropped as a result of not meeting a certain standard (I forget the official name... AYP?). There is an increasing number of technical classes (not things like woodshop, etc. but the lowest level of an academic subject) and a HUGE number of students who speak little or no English. As a result, the tests have been dumbed down.
  19. Mine is the mascot of my life-long favorite sports team, the University of Georgia Bulldogs.
  20. ^and as a result, schools are dumbing down their standardized testing. A real question (as told from my brother) from the Georgia Graduation Test: Q: Which is NOT an example of an organism? A: a tree B: a rock C: a human D: a dog A third grader could answer that question. Public schools are getting to be a joke.
  21. I was in Monster Plantation when I was 13. I really liked this girl and had been going out with her for a while, so at Six Flags, we decided to ride the dark ride. The rest is history.
  22. The Americans developed them while in a race to beat Hitler for it. I'm very glad to have them. Now back on topic. Myspace should not be linked to poor grades, neither should video games, music, etc. The blame lies with the parents and the kids. If the kids are entirely too lazy to do work, then where would that work ethic come from? Did Tom teach it to them? No. It's the parents. If little Timmy is constantly babied and given what he wants, then why would he ever have a work ethic. Mommy or daddy will always be there to fix it. If the parents aren't involved with the child's schooling then their grades will fall. If kids don't have any kind of motivation, then they won't perform. If little Timmy just got an Xbox 360 Elite while failing 3 classes, where's his work ethic going to go? If Timmy got an Xbox 360 Elite for making straight A's, then his motivation would be there. Parents and others need to stop blaming everyone else for their child's bad grades, bad nehavior, or bad choice of friends.
  23. Since about May. I prefer Taco Bell to all fast foods! When was the last time you went bowling?
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