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  1. Just got back from my mixed non-sanctioned league. Opened up with a 226, then followed it up with a 170 (yeah, kinda procrastinated on that adjustment), then ended with a 238 for a 634 scratch series.
  2. Heh... I haven't been in the precense of snow in a good... 5 years. Well, accumulated snow that is. It's quite comical to see the lack of knowledge about snow in the south. If there is even a threat of snow FLURRIES people flood the local Wal-marts, frocery stores, etc getting supplies. I'm born and raised in Georgia, and even I know #1) It won't snow #2) Flurries suck.
  3. Honestly, I have no problem with gay people. Though I am not one myself (straight as an arrow), I don't understand why people are homophobic. Can gays be heterophobic?
  4. i dreamt that I grew a beard and had to go to band camp. Don't really know what woulda sparked it...
  5. I've been out of practice for a while now, but I have a black belt in American Kenpo Karate.
  6. ^ my bowling center (Brunswick Zone Lilburn) actually has some pretty good food. It is, like most places, rather expensive though.
  7. I wish high school bowling would catch on down here in the South. They have tried over and over in my area, but not all the schools could field a good roster. Not to mention, one of the rules was that your school had to have a girl on the team. Unfortunatly, no girls bowl at my school. So do you guys have Varsity, JV, and Freshman teams at your schools?
  8. Just wondering if we have any bowlers at TPR? Seeing as how I just finished a tournament, I figured it best to discuss my favorite sport with others. Right now I bowl a Brunswick Zone Lilburn, and average a 203. My primary ball is a Brunswick Radical Inferno which was given to me by a coach about a month ago. It's back up (which gets a lot of playin' time due to its less intense nature) is the Icon 2 by Columbia 300. My spare ball is a Brunswick Indianapolis Colts Viz-A-Ball (which I owned long before they won the Super Bowl). High Game (Icon 2): 286 High Game (Radical Inferno): 279 High Series: 758 High Series on Wooden Lans: 710 I haven't really done anything out of the Oddities category. I've seen the 7-10, Big 4, and Greek Church picked up, but have never done any of those myself. And I'll close with the top 10 funny things that I've done or seen: 10) SEEN the 1-2-3-7-8-9 left 9) I picked the 8-10 out of a 2-8-10 8 ) SEEN the head pin picked off of a full rack of pins. 7) Gotten a ball to roll in an S-shaped curve. 6) Once I left the 2-3-7-10 5) Left the 4-7-9-10 4) SEEN a 294 game. 3) SEEN a 001 series. (yes, he bowled all 30 frames) 2) SEEN the 4-6 picked out of a 4-6-7 1) SEEN the 7-10 picked out of a Big 4. Please, share your stories.
  9. NCAA Football 2007 Xbox 360. Year 2013. Playing my National Championship against Miami. 2 Time Heisman QB Brian Bonner and his Heisman HB Joe Martinez are unbeatable.
  10. It got up to about 100 today, heat index said it felt like 110. Welcome to your average August day in Georgia
  11. Xbox 360: NCAA 07 Xbox: Halo Series Game Cube: Super Smash Brothers Melee N64: Mario Party 2 NES: Dodgeball Gameboy: *sigh* Pokemon Silver
  12. I was bored, so I decided to draw (on MS Paint) a stick man holding an apple with a Bob-omb (from Super Mario). Enjoy. You know you want him.
  13. Favorite Pro Player: Peyton MAnning College: Danny Ware
  14. Bummer on having to hold out on a lot of rides when there were hardly any lines (or so I interpretted)
  15. Though I have to squint, it all looks good to me. (I know people hate posts without criticisms....sorry).
  16. Cheetahs rip the throats out of their prey. Bear eat salmon as they swim upstream in one fell swoop. Why aren't we protesting that?
  17. Strike a match, light the fuse, watch it happen . How can you ever go wrong?
  18. ^You can actually find some fairly decent ones that hold about 25 songs pretty cheap. Go browse around Staples, Office Depot and the like. Or wait til one goes on sale. You can sometimes find a sweet little deal.
  19. I ran a search and no results came up... so if I was mistaken in thinking this topic was never started, my apologies. My mp3 player is a Creative Jukebox. I've got 97 songs on it, and still have 28.5 gigs of memory left . Here's a picture:
  20. I tend to be towards the no. Someplaces really don't need it, like Cedar Point. I'm not attracted because of the scenery. I want the thrills and chills. When I go to a park, I don't look around and go on and on about theming. The only thing I might notice is cleanliness and quality of rides anf food.
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