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  1. got a 91% on my Biology Final, and a 97 on my Algebra 1 Final. Yay me
  2. ______________ <--- I'm as straight as that line.
  3. Reviving an old topic is fun Ugly Uniforms: The Hawaii "Rainbow Warriors". I love the diamond-checked thigh stripe. Syracuse. They used to be called the "Orange Men" but that was offensive in some way, so they are now the "Big Orange". The Clemson Tigers in their all purple jersies. Puke. FSU brought in an all black uniform for one game. I'm not too fond of the WVU Mountaineers either. Not the UGA reciever making the catch, but the Va. Tech cornerback in the picture. Hideous uniforms. OK I'm done. I think I've found enough college football uni's for one day.
  4. That Larry the Cable Guy sure is a clever guy. He is indeed. I couldn't agree more.
  5. ROSIE O'DONNELL The Entire NY Yankees The Entire Boston Red Sox Chris Rock (okay... anyone can sound "funny" is they cuss every other word) Al Gore (no, you didn't invent the internet and you were not elected president; get over yourself) Anyone who bashes Wal-Mart (from the words of Larry the Cable Guy: "I got an idea about all those people complainin' about Wal-Mart. DON'T WORK AT FRICKEN WAL-MART!") Tom Cruise Ben Affleck Paris Hilton
  6. Man, I got lost with Pokemon about the time I got lost with Power Rangers. I got lost when they started adding a bunch of stuff and making it too complicated. I only made it up through Silver, then it sorta died on me, except for those rare ocassions where I pull out my old N64 and play Pokemon Stadium .
  7. haha. I hear ya, man. Lots of girls I know are always posting those "I want the nice guy" bullitens on myspace and then turn around and go with some a-hole jock who they think is hot. bleh. girls are too confusing.
  8. Are any youth bowlers bowling in the Pepsi tournament? I just found out that I advanced to the state finals
  9. I scored 153 on my last IQ test. I might take another one (anyone know a good one on the web doesn't make me subscribe to some newsletter/pay/or join a club to see my results?).
  10. NCAA Football 07 I'm in the 2011 season with UGA.
  11. It's 16 across the board on public roads here as far as I know. They are thinking of puching the driving age to 18 where I live, but are looking against it due to the farms of the southern part of the state.
  12. Here's mine: Poor RCT 1 :'( The Hippie Virus!
  13. I have UCLA winning it all.... unfortunatly, I had them beating Maryland in the Final Four along with Texas for the 'ship.
  14. Umm, I think he was just having fun with this park by interlocking an insane amount of coasters, not trying to make it look good or even close to real.
  15. Crap. Maryland lost. I had them in the Final 4.
  16. Ok, well, start up any old conversation. Do you guys have any common ground (afterschool activities, music, sports)? That's usually a good starter. Other than that, you're on your own.
  17. I'm sure Grand Theft Auto also caused kids to join gangs. Where are the parents? Instead of just "watching what they visit" why don't they say "STOP BEING LAZY AND DO YOUR SCHOOL WORK!" Too many parents these days try to be their kids' friend rather than a parent. Now, being FRIENDLY is one thing, but letting them do what they want is another. Parents should be able to tell their kids to do something, not ask them in a way so as not to upset them. Besides, I've got a Myspace and have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I also play Grand Theft Auto and have never ONCE had even the most MINOR discipline problem.
  18. Ummm... I'd ask her out. Just don't double date with her crabby friend .
  19. I went to Williamsburg last summer. Did you listen to the little presentation about the guns with the old man? That was about the only thing I liked about it. Just about EVERY gist shop sold the same stuff.
  20. You might wanna add a little variety to your trees, especially noticable throughout the arrow coaster. If I may make a suggestion, a shed for the transfer track of your woodie and cover the brake run next to it. Just a thought. Otherwise, looking quite nice.
  21. I got UCLA beating Texas in the championship.
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