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  1. I can play the saxaphone, and I'm also a very good bowler. I'm generally good all aruond in athletics, but I've been bowling my whole life, so I pretty much have a 6th sense for it. I also have well over 100 awards and achievments. Bowling Average: 195 High Game: 286 High Series (3 games added together): 758 I also have a black belt in Kenpo Karate.
  2. Mine favorite Vekoma is either Deja Vu or BORG at PCW. They are both fun and semi-smooth.
  3. Goliath SFOG Superman: Ride of Steel SFNE and as much as it pains me to say it... Georgia Cyclone SFOG
  4. The University of Georgia Bulldogs. My all time favorite football team. I've been going to games all my life, my dad graduated from there, and he has been a ticket holder since 1979. (I've got red and black blood in my veins )
  5. SFMM -12 (simply because I'm jealous of the lovin' SF gives them) CaLP 14 WOF 6 CP 10 SFOT 10 SFOG +14 PKD 10 BGT 11 SFNE 11 PGA-0
  6. I've been raped by a buck-toothed caterpillar!
  7. Well, Deja Vu is fairly reliable now, and as for Ninja, it's an older model Vekoma. Need I say more?
  8. GARFIELD!!! Thanks for the post! Lots of my favorite old classics like Beetlejuice, Garfield, Doug, Looney Tunes, Dexter's Lab, but mostly just Garfield.
  9. Yeah, we were out of there by early afternoon. I hadn't seen y'all since getting you a free ride onto row one of Vu
  10. Windows Media Player for me. Never got a taste for Quicktime.
  11. I really like the water theming on the last screenshot of the first post. Very nice .
  12. I was the guy with white UGA hat on. Oh and Deja Vu and Acrophobia will likely be open. They have been running fairly consistently since last year. Good luck with crowds, though .
  13. In my area (Georgia) I think it's in the 130's? Don't quote me on that but that's what I'm remembering.
  14. Well, my brother and I got to the park around 10:00. Our first thought was "GOLIATH!" We walked over, found a fairly short line and walked towards the back row. Then we saw them. Guess who? Robb and Elissa!! I don't know who the other guy was that they were with. They rode and we rode and life eventually went on. Then we decided to needed a second ride. Who was standing in front of us? Joe. AND ROBB AND ELISSA!!! We a had a mild introduction (not to Joe, we already knew him) and life, again, went on. We decided to go check tou Deja Vu, and found ( ) NO WAIT!!! We only rode once, though, as the line became longer as we left. We made a quick stop into the massage place and have a drink. Then we walked over towards Acrophobia, hitting mine train along the way. We dropped 200 feet, and that would be our last ride of the day. I stopped and had some pizza at the Promenade Pizza, then my brother (DejaVu4Life) ate lunch in the truck in front of Deja Vu in the parking lot. We left around 12:00.
  15. Rush Hour 1 and 2. Not only are they hilarious, but also actiony.
  16. I ran a search and nothing came up, and if I'm wrong, my apologies. Anyway, my Internet Explorer became retarded so while looking for a new browser, I came across one called "Advance Browser" which was about the only free browser I found on my first site. It's almost as if Internet Explorer and Firefox had a baby, and it's great! It even transfered all of my Internet Explorer junk over (favorites, settings, etc.). The only drawback is that it doesn't close. It merely hides. Otherwise, no complaints! Does anyone else have or even heard of this? I don't have any screenshots, and paint just screws them all up, so sorry.
  17. Can you make mine say "100% Redneck" please? Thanks!
  18. Saturday after Spring Break is usally the worst time to go, especially Memorial Day Weekend. A Flash Pass might be a great investment. You can reserve a longer wait ride and go ride something else. KrakenKing is right, though, try to hit Deja Vu, Superman, or maybe even Mindbender. Bender is a tricky one, though. Sometimes it runs two trains and the line is fairly short, and other times, with only one train op, it could take well over 60 minutes. Are you going back Sunday? If so, then you might be in a lot better shape.
  19. Not enough food to make a decent dinner.... but we've got enough caffiene to go 2 years!!!
  20. SFMM 11 CaLP 11 WOF-6 CP 11 SFOT 10 SFOG+11 PKD 10 BGT 10 SFNE 10 PGA 8
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