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  1. Is it? ENHANCE! Unfortunately, I don't think we will get another roller coaster for a few years, but I hope they will do something with the Iron Wolf area. Some kind of flat ride.
  2. Slowpoke (being me) finally got to the park last week to ride X-Flight - last time I had been there was on opening day when I was scorning at the ride's test dummies something furious. I was really concerned that I wouldn't get to ride it at all considering my height - I'm around 6'6" (78") which happens to be the height limit of the new coaster. But to my surprise, no ride attendants took it as a concern and I got two rides on it. (I had read earlier about the restraints being uncomfortably tight, and I believe this is where the height limit comes into play. Near the end of each ride, my coll
  3. If someone goes tomorrow, let me know if there's a 15 minute wait. I'll speed to Gurnee.
  4. I just read that the height limit is 6'6" (78") which is really surprising. I had to get height-checked before getting on V2 the other day since I am exactly 6'6", and that one has a cutoff at 80". Don't you think going to a 78" height limit is a little too much? (Although I believe Deja Vu had that same height limit)
  5. Also keep in mind the difference in speed through certain elements based on which row you're sitting in/watching.
  6. Jumped over to the park yesterday with some buddies of mine to check out the new ride. It is so impressive in person, and the planners have incorporated the surrounding area very well. Here is some footage to show the various viewpoints you can enjoy around the site! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NICaEyY6FlQ
  7. The trains will look fantastic when the covers are added. It seems to me like any coaster with extra-wide cars (such as B&M dive coasters) has that sort of spread-arm, graceful appearance. I will be waiting with a charged battery and an empty SDHC card! Exactly! At the end of the day, these coasters are constrained by the limits of the average human body, NOT for the off-ride perception of speed.
  8. Nah, I'm just critiquing a design choice. I'll still ride the thing and love it nonetheless!
  9. Well that sucks. Not to diss any military aficionados, but something more solid would have better suited the permanent nature of a roller coaster installation while still capturing the spirit of a hangar (refer to the preliminary renderings).
  10. I was not expecting a tensile roof structure. The initial concepts conveyed the idea of corrugated curved roofing. Odd choice, no? Now that I look back at the technical rendering, the current structure is very different from the station as originally planned. I wouldn't be surprised if what you see right now is a temporary structure to protect the trains and equipment from the elements while testing commences. Look at the series of black beams protruding from the side of the station - those show evidence of a permanent station that will take this current shelter's place.
  11. As for load/unload procedures, I'm guessing the station queue gates are further back from the trains to allow passengers to get off and exit through a sort of exit queue? Can anyone speak from other Wing Riders?
  12. Honestly, it's not a bad structure. They could repurpose it for restaurant seating, amusement games, or retail space.
  13. Cool, Im glad we get to see the planned theming in more detail. I like all of the clearance checkers in the rendering as well.
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