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  1. ^I roll my eyes at a Sky Rocket II. I don't hate them and agree they are great rides. BUT, to me a Sky Rocket II feels like a "filler coaster". Something that is added in between big additions. By next summer, Worlds of Fun will not have added a coaster in ELEVEN years. After 11 years (or God-forbid, even LONGER ) I feel a Skyrocket II would be a disappointment. Skyrocket II's are good rides, but that's something that WoF should add after 5-7 years after a major coaster, but not after 11+ years. I'm hoping the park already considers that they have a shuttle coaster (the Boomer) and go with something more substantial. Hoping, but not holding my breath, haha.
  2. Unfortunately the news media knows that people respond to "supposed" mistreatment of animals, especially from corporations like Seaworld. The general public all think they know what is best for these animals, that they know more than the countless Seaworld employees who literally studied these animals, spent years of their lives in college to earn marine biology degrees, have rescued 100s of animals, etc. It's the news equivalent of clickbait, and unfortunately it works. My sister and her husband both worked at Seaworld as animal care specialists for years. Let me tell you, it is not an easy job. Animals don't take holidays off. Animals also don't care what time of the day it is when they need care. So you have to give up 1/2 of your holidays and can be called in to work at 2:00am. Also, the pay is not great...at all. I was shocked when I glimpsed my sister's paycheck. These people work with these animals because they LOVE them, not for the money. So it's absurd to think that the animals are mistreated.
  3. Looks like a fun addition. My only complaint with rides like these is why the face-to-face seating??? Perhaps it's the introvert in me, but I don't want to be staring right at strangers when I go on rides, lol.
  4. I hope Firehawk doesn't get scrapped. I thought it and Batwing were good rides. Good, not great. Definitely unique and I love that flying loop. Nighthawk on the other hand...oof. You can tell it's the prototype...ouch. It would be interesting if they could somehow save the ride and reconfigure it. We all know maintenance and capacity were two big factors in it being removed. If somehow those wacky trains could be improved I think it would be a good coaster for Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair or Michigan's adventure. Maybe get rid of the dual loading station and change the trains to have simple pull-down vest type OTSR's like the B&M flyers and they could fly again somewhere else. Wishful thinking I'm sure...
  5. I love it! It's unique. It's creative. It's record-breaking. It's massive. If you ask me there is not much to complain about, maybe the silly name I'm excited for the new innovations that have come out in the last couple of years. For a while it seemed like all the new, creative rides were being sent Asia and Dubai, so it's awesome to see more American parks take some chances on some new concepts. Is it a bit of risk? Of course! But so was RMC taking over the Texas Giant and look how that worked out! This is the creativity I hope to see more of from other parks and manufacturers! Does anyone know what the trains look like? Based on the layout, when I originally watched the video, I was envisioning short trains like S&S is known for. It also has sort of a Takabisha type feel to it so I didn't think it would or could have too long of trains... Anyway, awesome job, Kennywood!!!!!
  6. How about Iron Rattler and Wonder Woman at SF Fiesta Texas? Hard to beat TWO RMC's!
  7. Haha, yes I am. My grandfather loves to tinker with carpentry so he was happy to make me it. I think it has enough space for a shot glass from all the USA parks. Once I start going international I will ask him to make another shelf!
  8. About a decade ago I started collecting shot glasses from the parks I visit. My grandfather built me this awesome shelf to display them.
  9. So as a roller coaster and amusement park ride lover, I grew up building them out of k'nex as a kid of the 90's. My favorite creation had to be the Octopus. I was so proud of myself for coming up with this working model which, and while I'm obviously biased , I think this is the most accurate k'nex Octopus I've seen. A few years ago my parents brough me ALL my old k'nex toys, including the base for the Octopus which was still intact. So I just has to rebuild the arms and the tubs and viola! I thought I'd share, hopefully some of you get a kick out of it.
  10. Questions for you DL experts... I recently bought a "value-day" ticket with idea of going to Disneyland on next Monday the 16th. However, I just found out the Matterhorn is closing on the 16th for a week of refurbishment. Thus, I'm considering changing my ticket to Sunday the 15th so I can get my rides on this historic coaster. How bad would the crowds be on a Sunday? My thoughts were to go to the park on Sunday afternoon and stay til closing at midnight, with the hope that park weekend crowds would die down drastically on Sunday evening, especially late into the night. Thoughts? THANKS!
  11. I'll be there a week from today! Holding out light hope for a soft open but obviously not going to get my hopes up. Either way should be a fun 4 days, my first trip to the LA parks!
  12. Sweet report! Just this past weekend I did a very similar trip. We called it our NebrIowaSota trip. We left Lincoln, NE on Saturday afternoon, hit up Arnolds Park on Saturday night, then Valleyfair and MOA on Sunday and Adventureland on Monday and got home late Monday afternoon. We were planning on hitting up the Iowa State fair and Fun Plex in Omaha too but we decided it was better to end our trip with Monster than a Zyklon or a standard Wild Mouse so we skipped those. Plus I already had the Fun Plex credit. Ended up riding 17 coasters in total. I feel you on the driving too, the flat parts of Iowa are pretty brutal to drive through. I am a bad coaster enthusiast, I have never even heard of Como Town or that they had a coaster! Otherwise we totally would've hit it up to get a new credit as well. Monster at Adventureland was awesome. That first drop...oh my! And if you sat in the back left seat, you got thrown all over the place. Loved it, it was my favorite coaster of the trip. Tornado was a bit rougher than I remember, maybe I'm just getting old. Outlaw is still a great coaster that packs a lot of punch in an undersized ride. Again, nice report!
  13. I love Lakeside, I much prefer it over Elitch's. It does definitely have an "agedness" to it I find it to be part of the charm. Unless its changed the park is open til Midnight on the weekends so you can get a good 3-4 hours of quality dark time on the weekends and the park is beautiful. Here are a few night photos I took a few years ago.
  14. AHHHH Santorini, those pictures brought back amazing memories. I was lucky enough to visit that island about 10 years ago, it's still one of my top 2 places on earth that I've been. Looks like you had a great time.
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