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  1. Tough one. I narrowed it down to three, at least for the moment. Favorite B&M coasters: 3. Wild Eagle/Dollywood 2. Goliath/SFOG 1. Tatsu at SFMM Favorite Intamin Coasters: 3. Volcano: The Blast Coaster/Kings Dominion 2. Xcelerator/Knott's 1. Intimidator 305/Kings Dominion If it had to be one each, then I would have to say Tatsu as best B&M and 305 as best Intamin. However, will have to re-evaluate both lists after riding Fury 325, Thunderbird, Gatekeeper, Banshee, Millenium Force and Top Thrill Dragster next year.
  2. A great job covering IAAPA again this year once again, have been revisiting all of the reports again today. I really enjoyed the live and interactive feel of everything, and I think the new format was a good move.
  3. Major progress this week on Fury 325-it looks as if they are about halfway done with the first hill. They put up some of the last support for the lift yesterday. https://www.carowinds.com/swarm/building-the-nest/live-camera-feed
  4. 1. How do you most often watch videos? (DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Download, Streaming.) DVD and Streaming are the two main methods. (If I owned Blu-Ray, I would include that as well.) 2. What streaming services do you use the most? I never got into Netflix at all...if I watch a movie, I usually either buy the DVD, watch On Demand through uVerse or use uVerse Streaming. 3. How many DVDs or Blu-Rays do you buy a year on average? Maybe 5-6 at the most. If it is a movie/program I really liked and want to own, I will purchase it as soon as it is released either online to be sent mail order, or at a retail location such as Best Buy or Costco. I also sometimes will pick up a DVD out of the discount bins at Target or other stores. 4. Do you use a device like Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast? No. 5. How much do you watch videos on YouTube versus all the mediums listed in the poll? I would venture to say that I watch more on YouTube than any of the others...although I do not use it for watching full length movies.
  5. First was Goliath at SFOG; ;last will be either Wild Eagle at Dollywood or Goliath at SFOG again during Holiday In The Park.
  6. Carowinds (at least once for Fury 325), SFOG and Dollywood multiple times (have passes to the latter two and seriously considering a CF Platinum Pass this year), and then Holiday World, Kings Island and Cedar Point in the fall.
  7. SFOG is a great park, with some great coasters-Goliath is in my top five steel and there are some great classic rides at the park like Mindbender and Monster Mansion. In the past few years, however, there have been some lapses in quality as far as general operations, upkeep and so forth. I can really only speak for myself here, but I think that the primary reason that those of us who call it our home park are disappointed in the recent announcements is that we don't want to see it become a park like SF St. Louis or SF America, which seem to always get a raw deal when the new additions come. Dare Devil Dive is a fun little coaster, and SkyScreamer is a nice flat ride, but the last "big" addition was Goliath 8 years ago, and to get smaller rides a few years in a row is just a shade disappointing when other parks and other chains are getting major additions. Not everyone is a water park fan...I think it was a good decision, but I feel that they should invest more in the dry side of the park. While I think flat rides are good, essentially they are hyping up two low capacity carnival rides as major additions and calling one of them a "coaster". I get the frustration with that, because I feel the same way. That said-I still did renew my pass for 2015 (although I support those who elect not to), even though I will likely spend more time at Dollywood and Carowinds this coming year. It isn't to me about a sense of entitlement, as much as it may seem that way to some. And I also don't feel that it is corporate somehow "dissing" certain parks while favoring others...I think SF is experiencing some serious issues at the top which caused them to have to make some decisions which ultimately led to some being let down. I think when people see Great America can get a brand new $16 Million B&M one year and then a brand new RMC the following year, and their park gets smaller additions, that seems a bit unbalanced. I am hoping that 2016 or at least 2017 will finally bring something big coaster wise again. Given the competition in the region (Carowinds with Fury325 for 2015 and the rumored something major for Dollywood in 2016) I think they might.
  8. This was one of those instances where I was not only very excited for a new coaster announcement and had high expectations, but where it actually exceeded my expectations. I am thrilled to see a coaster of this magnitude coming to a park which is in my region (about a 6 hour drive). While I cannot pass judgement until I get the opportunity to ride it next year, I anticipate that I will really enjoy it since I enjoy B&M Hypers a great deal, and because the layout looks amazing to me...it is as if they took Leviathan and refined and revised it. Congratulations to Carowinds, Cedar Fair and B&M on what looks as if it will be an awesome new coaster, I feel they made the right decision and I not only look forward to riding but seeing what the park has in store in the future...I am actually considering purchasing a Platinum Pass due to this.
  9. LOL-actually, that one just made me nearly choke on the soda I was trying to drink-hardest I have laughed in a while. Whatever five year plans are in place for my two home parks (SFOG and Dollywood, and if you want to add the closest Cedar Fair park, Carowinds) are already set. I can tell you that I would realistically predict the following in the next three years based on what few rumors I have heard: SFOG: 2015: Probably nothing, although a new ride would be nice. I would be happy if they just painted Goliath and worked with B&M to get rid of the rattles that seem to be happening on one of the trains. 2016: Waterpark Expansion, maybe a smaller coaster 2017: New coaster (I'd personally love to see Ninja depart for a floorless or an X-Flight Clone, and/or see Cyclone get Iron Horsed.) Dollywood: 2015: Nothing for the park, Hotel opens, Splash Country might get something 2016: Major new ride, my guess (and hope for) is a custom RMC like Outlaw Run 2017: Expansion into train loop begins, family attraction or nothing Carowinds: 2015: B&M Giga Coaster, New Front Gate, New Toll Booths 2016: Waterpark expansion, Hotel added 2017: Family ride or flat ride (I think they need a log flume but who knows)? I could say how much I would love to see X2 cloned at SFOG, or a new coaster every other year but realistically, I don't see those happening. I do know that they are investing a lot at these three parks over the next few years, but I would rather see them do intelligent and well thought out investments with a good ROI than something that will create what happened with Six Flags a few years back.
  10. Six B&M coasters is I believe the most they have done in a one year time frame. I think it's great to see them doing a lot of new projects, and given the positive reviews of Banshee and the jump to an LSM launch and unique layout on Thunderbird, I am anxious to see what else is in the works. From what I see so far: Holiday World-B&M Launched Wing Coaster (Thunderbird)=Orange Track Gardaland Dive Machine=White Track Wanda/China Park Flying Coaster=Yellow Track Efteling Dive Machine=Red Track That leaves the teal and the new teal with yellow stripe. On those two, I am guessing: Carowinds Giga Coaster=Teal with Yellow Stripe Either SF Fiesta Texas or some mystery US park/Flying Coaster=Teal Track Are there any other parks in the US clearing large areas? The only one throwing me here is the teal flyer track.
  11. ^Three things that make that even more interesting: 1. The listed height of the Superman: Ultimate Flight clones is 106' (rcdb.com/1976.htm) 2. B&M Flyer track outside of the Clermont Steel Plant that is not the one going to the Wanda Park in China 3. The aforementioned B&M clue Could be way off...don't know where the 92.5 comes in-this is just a guess.
  12. Congratulations to Holiday World on an extremely well thought out new addition and a truly brilliant marketing campaign! This was the very first time in a long time where I had high expectations for an announcement (I was expecting a B&M Wing Coaster, but nothing like what was presented-the layout is great and the launch really surprised me) and it not only exceeded them but blew me away. Personally, as B&M is in my opinion the absolute best steel coaster manufacturer there is and their Wing Coaster model is one I personally enjoy, I was really impressed; this appears to be a model that will truly take things to the next level and has the potential to be a real game changer. Outstanding choice on the ride, and the entire package-including the theming and back story, are top notch. I know this has inspired me to include HW in my plans for 2015!
  13. Of all the 2015 additions we know about so far, I have to say that I am most excited for this one as I only live 5-6 hours from Carowinds and am extremely excited to try out a B&M Giga Coaster! All signs are pointing to the name Centurion so far as far as I can see. Interestingly, I am not 100% convinced that the layout will be just like Leviathan (although that would not get any complaints from me) but rather offer something new and not yet seen...this announcement cannot come soon enough!
  14. I am wondering if this could be one of the new S&S Free Fly X coasters...
  15. I am late chiming in to this one, but this is my prediction-this will either be: 1. B&M Wing Coaster approximately the scope of Wild Eagle-complete with the 50" height requirement-and 3 or 4 inversions (loop, zero g roll and corkscrew) as well as some not-before-seen water feature; 2. B&M sit down coaster with 3-4 inversions and the first of its kind being either the new restraint system on the trains to allow for a lower minimum height and/or a water splash element; 3. A new B&M type altogether (maybe an LIM launch), although I think this is probably unlikely. Whatever the case-I think this is a solid, intelligent and bold move for this park. I look forward to the full reveal and wish the park the best as I have heard nothing but good things about Holiday World in general. As it became clear that they were adding a B&M coaster from the clues (the pieced together blueprint from the scraps of paper, the footers, the cost and the other clues) I was surprised that they were getting one, but thought it made perfect sense. Even if this does turn out to be option #1, I would be happy about that if it were my home park. I know I am in the minority as a fan of the Wing Coasters (well, as much as I can be only having ridden Wild Eagle thus far), but if I owned a park and could only get one B&M coaster to start out with, that is likely what I would buy as they are visually impressive, can manage a lower minimum height, and are fun and thrilling while still accessible for most people.
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