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  1. Who the heck do you have to sleep with to get to the front of the line!? GEESH! lol
  2. WAMALAMADINGDONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Curse my inability to imagine!!!! lol I guess I didn't think of all the cool things I could do. Next time, Definitely!
  4. Same here! I actually did so unwillingly last night. I remember having a sudden realization then running to the mirror. I saw myself in it, but my eyes were turned inside out. But then I guess I forgot I was lucid dreaming, and continued on. Plus the night before that I was in a dream in a dream, and in the dream in the dream I realized I was lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming has been the only thing in my thoughts for a while now! LOL inception much??? I had one of these dreams the other night... weird.. I was just making everyone in my dream say funny things. Then I got bored and woke up. Fun times.
  5. Everyone groaned when his name came up... I'm actually kinda tired of him also.
  6. I was never a fan of Ron Artest... Still not a fan. Amazing shot though. I'm hoping for a miracle for the suns!
  7. Grilled cheese with grape jelly... mmmm don't knock it until you've tried it!
  8. Best buy replaced my iphone I guess that black tie crap is good for something!
  9. I know I'm late... but this is because the songs are DRM free... meaning you can share them with whom ever you please I'd pay the extra .30 cents for that.
  10. I was actually wondering this. Isn't the connection on the panel the port that usually goes into the iPod/iPhone? Is there something I'm missing here cause I have no idea how you would connect an i-anything to that port... Usually to connect anything to an iPhone the other side is USB. Any-who, I am making my first visit to Vegas in March. I've been looking at all of your suggestions and am getting quite excited. I was wondering what you guys would recommend for cheap lunches. I've heard there are some crazy buffets everywhere. But I don't want to eat then have blast off on a toilet lol. Justin
  11. I'm going to take a stab at this one... so they prolly had a meeting and were like "if only we could say 0-30 min on the signs so that our line wait time displays aren't always lying..." "OH I'VE GOT IT! let's do some sort of rating system..." So instead of them trying to squeeze 0-30 on a led sign lol, they just put 1,2 or 3... not smart in my book but I get the logic. I think maybe they should have explored other options like: actually finding accurate ways of measuring time and keeping watch of the measurements and update them accordingly.
  12. So is your car equipped with some sort of device that can tell you the symptoms of every person who parks in a handicapped space or do you just assume all physical handicaps have to be blatant and obvious? I think he might be referring to them not having handicap license plates or the hanging notification that goes on your rear view mirror... It's really easy to get a notifier if you have a serious reason to need a handicap parking space.
  13. ^ it didn't come with more links? *my rant* I can't stand family portraits... they piss me off...
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