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  1. npaegs Now, people and eggs, GET SOBER!
  2. If I could add.... I would just add the generic "Log Flume"... unless something up there is a 'Flume and I just missed it. Otherwise, I totally agree.
  3. I agree! I've only posted one park, which I did NOT want to be realistic (my huge coaster park), and I was surprised when nobody mentioned its unrealisticness. I also see a lot of "blocky" comments. Back to realistic though. I've always though Hey, it's ROLLER COASTER TYCOON FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD! GIVE THE GUY A BREAK! thank you and good night.
  4. This may be true, but what a team selects is not always the "Reggie Bush" of the Draft. This was shown in the Colts' picks so far. Their first pick was one of their weak positions (RB), so they got Joseph Adaii out of LSU. Their defense is only average, so their last two picks (4th coming up sometime in the next couple of hours) have been on defense (Tim Jennings CB from UGA, and a OLB from San Diego State). And for the Texans, their thought process mighta been the old saying: Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships
  5. Acrophobia for PM ERT was deserted! I rode it as the only rider about 5 times. From the words of Joe : "I knew it woulda been you or your brother riding Acro by yourself."
  6. Alright, we (my brother and friend) arrived at the park about 8:00 and saw a line had built up behind the entrance. My brother and I went and registered. We got our cards and the things that hold them (I forgot the name) from Joe. We waited and got into the park. We headed over to Goliath, but they said it wouldn't open for a while, so we decided to head back to Superman Ultimate Flight. At Superman, we rode about 3 times, then decided we might hit Scream Machine. There was no line, but the increasing rain shut it down. We thought we might walk back over to Goliath, and the rain only picked up. So, not wanting to waist the ERT in the rain, we got onto Shake, Rattle, and Roll, the scrambler. We rode about 10 times and then left, as the park was opening to the public. Our next order of business was to get a Flash Pass. We scanned Goliath. While we were there, though, a guy told us that our Spring Fling ID badges could get us straight up the FP line. We took advantage of 3 rides then walked to lunch, where we missed our FP ride . The lunch was very good. They had sone kind of grilled chicken, pasta, rolls, and pie. The they drew for the Walk Back Tour. None of us won . After lunch we walked back over to Goliath, using our Flash Pass to reserve Deja Vu along the way. Our wait was pretty substantial, so we used our ACE cards on Goliath and got in a couple more rides. It was time for our ride on Vu so, having an extra spot, we saw Joe and asked him to ride. He did, and was very appreciative of our luck of getting 1A and 1B. My friend and Joe rode 1A while my brother and I rode 1B. The ride was awesome. On the way out, we scanned Deja Vu again, and were given a long wait, yet again. We meandered around and my brother decided to stop and sit in a restaraunt to have a drink, so my friend and I chose to go ride the GA Scorcher. The wait was about 20 minutes, as it was only through one queue of the queue house. We rode in row 3 and enjoyed a nice ride. It was about time for our ride on Vu and we were assigned 5A and 6B. I rode solo in 5A (bleh. I hate A rows; they are too cramped)., while my friends rode in 6B. The ride was nice minus the girl screaming like a mother fo the whole time. On the way out, again, we scanned Vu. The wait was about 1 hour and 15 minutes. We decided to wait for Ninja. The wait was an hour. Not worth it. The ride broke down for about 10 minutes and we almost missed our Vu ride, but, by a stroke of odd luck, the ride was delayed 10 minutes, so we made it in plenty of time. We were assigned 8A and 8B upon a request. Fun stuff. We were getting hungry, so we decided to eat. We WERE going to get some delicious Papa John's Pizza, but the not-so-big slices cost a whopping $6.49!! HOLY %@#$!!! So my friend and I went to the Plantatin House for some chicken fingers, fries, and a biscuit, and for only $6.99!!! So after we ate, I went to return the Flash Pass and meet my friends at the Drive-In theatre for the ACE giveaways and stuff. At the Drive-In I got my ACE DVDs, a shirt, and some other little goodies. Then we saw the Rhythm and Grooves show which was alright I suppose. Not bad, but not great. The singers sounded like they were trying to impersonate the people from American Idol. They butchered Georgia On My Mind . We left a little early from the meeting to go get in line for something. We saw the Goliath line closed, and, figuring we'd have ERT on it anyway, jumped into the Vu line. We waited only 1 train and rode in 8B and 7B for a sweet, sweet, night ride. Then we walked back. Once the night time ERT opened, my friends and I were waiting for Gotham City to open. First, we rode row 1 (and 2) of Mind Bender. Very cool. Next we walked over to Batman where we rode about 4 straight times. After this we thought we might hit Goliath in the early stages. We got in and rode once. After my one ride, we split up. I walked over to Acrophobia, figuring that there wouldn't be anyone there. I was right. My first 5 rides of the night I rode BY MYSELF! Yes, I rode 5 times as the ONLY RIDER! Then Joe and his homies ruined it . (j/k Joe ) I ended up riding 10 times until I got bored, and then wlked over to Cyclone. I rode that once and walked back to Goliath for 3 more rides including the last train of the night. Overall the day was excellent, and I'm still sore from it .
  7. i started on coasters because of peer pressure. It's the same thing as conquering any fear, for me that is, just do it. I forced myself on and knew if I didn't like it, it would only take about 1-2 minutes and it'd all be over with. I always thought of it as: "You'll never know unless you ride." Cheesy? yes. Effective? also yes.
  8. Do you guys see the irony? They make an episode about making fun of religions... right after Chef left for the making fun of Scientology. I agree with everyone. Matt and Trey are just poking fun at everything they havent poked fun at yet. I doubt that they'd be jealous at anything... seeing as how they're the most popular show on Comedy Central. You gotta admit though... none of Family Guy's jokes are anywhere related to the plot. And the whole thing about the idea balls was pretty funny. haha. I said balls. (a Family Guy joke )
  9. Have You: flirted with me: liked me: dreamed bout me: talked bout me: said i was stupid: Wat would u do if: I hugged u: I gotten mad at u: I cried: I got hit by some1 right in font of u: I was sick in the hospital: Would You Ever: stick up for me: save me: talk bout me: kiss me: like me: hug me: Am I: annoying: a whiner(a baby): pretty: short: unattractive: stupid: Are you: tired of this quiz: my friend: Xanga survey on someone's site
  10. Acrophobia at SFOG 200 feet of Intamin Negative G goodness. If you wanna see the video go to: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22006
  11. Get Over It by the Eagles. I hate hearing people's crap.
  12. http://forums.corvetteforum.com/images/smilies/party.gif
  13. I've never gone alone... but I walked around alone. I like it. You don't have any comprimises to make and what not. You do what YOU want to do. This, however, is not to say that having a group is bad.
  14. I saw The Bench Warmers. It was pretty good. I laughed like... the whole time. 9/10.
  15. NCAA Football 2006. I started a Dynasty and am taking some crappy teams to glory. I took Marshall to the NAtional Championship and beat Oklahoma 21-7 (only 1 minute quarters) and I've now transfered to Washington State.
  16. Age Bracket: 15-25 Sex: Male Area of U.S.: South East 1. What do you feel is the most important issue in the U.S. today? other: freedom of speech. too many friggin activists, lawsuits, and politically correct laws a lawsuits flying around. 2. Do you think taxes are: Too high 3. If you won $1 million, what would you definitely do? pay off debts 4. How would you rate George W. Bush's performance as President? 5 (superior) 5. Do you think Osama bin Laden is: dead 6. If raising taxes would solve the U.S.'s economic difficulties, would you say: I don't believe that 7. If you could accomplish it, what law would you pass that has not yet been enacted? English is the official language. Don't like it? Get your illegal ass back to Mexico! 8. What has been the biggest historical event of your lifetime? September 11th 9. Who has been the most important person of your lifetime so far? George W. Bush 10. What new advances in technology do you think will take place in the next 10 years? robots
  17. I introduce the University of Oregon Ducks! The White Sox decided to wear shorts... gay? I think so. Here is another of Oregon's 9 hideous uniform combinations. The Tennessee Volunteers, ladies and gents.
  18. http://www.rcdb.com/ig3290.htm?picture=34
  19. I love football I follow EVERYTHING in college football and a lot in the pros. I kinda follow baseball... and I usually follow NASCAR. My teams College: University of Georgia Pro Football: Indianapolis Colts Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals NASCAR: Bobby LaBonte I also watch pro bowling (which isn't even up there )
  20. South Park Bigger Longer and Un-cut everyone else thinks its stupid and immature... not sure why that is...
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