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  1. Ok last night, I got an IM asking me "Check out my picture for myspace and tell me what you think" IF you get this DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. It IS A VIRUS. What I have concluded is that one person started it, and its spread to one person causing his AIM to automatically spread it to everyone logged on at that time, this happened to me, and now it is causing a chain reaction. You might not get this soon, but if you do. Don't click the link. Luckily I just exited the IM.
  2. Just what i'd like to ride.. a defective dropzone! lol. They said it didn't sound right or something..
  3. That the thing, today was the only other time we could go. Plus, I'm homeschooled so I forgot this was good friday until after i was IN THE PARK.
  4. Ok, since i'm back already to post, it's kind of a hint that I didnt have the best day. So it was just me and my dad because no one wanted to come and i'm going out of state in a couple days, so i wanted to get a free trip out of it with my seasons pass. When I get there I noticed they jacked up their prices to 50 FREAKING DOLLARS! What crap. I told my dad beforehand to buy a card at harris teeter for 36.00. What a save of money. So as usual I went stright to Topgun. No lines for two rides in a row. It was great. As always Topgun was riding magnificently and YAY! THEY HAD THE MIST ON! From there we went to Thunder Road. And of Course, their backwards side was broken. But still no lines, and again we got to rideit twice without getting up. First ride was in front row so it was super smooth. Last was more fun because we sat in the back. More airtime, although I think I don't have a liver... =/ From there we went for one last ride on TopGun for a while. Up until this part, our experience was great. No crowds, perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold. So now we decide to eat lunch at the car. Now on our way out, the crowds got INSANE. I mean i've NEVER seen Carowinds this crowded. Mountains and Mountains of people lining up all for a stupid admission. So me and my dad ate, and came back to find out that we had to wait in the line to get back in. With stamps on our hands and all. Two geezers had to run a metal detector thro every indivdual. By this time the sun was up and it was NOT fun. We spent a good 1hr and a half in line to get BACK INTO A PARK THAT WE JUST MOMENTARILY LEFT. So after that of course the lines for everything were insane. And those of you you have experienced greater parks know that Carowind's rides arent worth more than a half an hr wait. Vortex had a line all the way to the hedges and they had to open up a seperate gate. Drop Zone wasnt working. Hurler wasnt working. Fortunatley I got one ride on cyclone without too much of a wait. I only got smacked into a bush on the first corkscrew. About now me and my dad are both pretty pissed. We played a few games which took all our money, stopped and got a big funnel cake (which by the way are SOO GOOD). So it's about 1:45 and I really wanted to get at least one ride on the borg. Obviously, the line was filled out all the way onto the pavement on the park. So we waited and waited for about a good hour. Then we are about like 5 or 6 trains away from getting on, and the damn thing gets stuck on the lift hill. And about 30 minutes was spent with the crew walking around doing absolutley nothing, and calling in extra guys to hep fix it. People had to be taken down. So me and my dad decided to leave this crap. We did manage to get one more ride on Thunder Road though. Let me just say if I didnt have a season's pass, I would be more pissed than I am now. I like Carowinds, it's fun. But def. not a park worth waiting TOO long for.
  5. Ok guys, I will b leaving for Carowinds in about 15 minutes. I just want to make this Thread ahead of time. I will post what happened thro my day when I get back. I would have taken my camera, but it's too new, and i'm nervous something will happen to it. So sorry, no pics. But you can look foward to them in the future.
  6. How creepy.. yet i find them all EXTREMELY hard to believe. A lot of hear things, even i do from time to time. It's mostly psychosomatic
  7. Their prices are pretty good. And how many times can you say "I was almost shot" at other water parks when you cut in line.
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